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Autumn's Lullaby

Yellow images rest in their silent idyll
freshened and wet from the rain that pours around,
chill wind elegantly rubs colourful carpet of leaves
settled and creased upon the surface of rustling ground.

Boughs become so lonely without ornaments
that adorn diverse trees and peeled boles,
sky sends invisible greetings from the clouds
and makes that universe share to the nature adequate autumn's roles.

Shadows melt with the first dusk
and immerse into twilight of flickering whispers that turn into sigh,
golden harmony will soon fall into deserved sleep
with the sounds of mild blowing that resemble on an autumn's lullaby...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2019
About this poem:
Autumn is my favorite season.
With all accompanying beauty that carries and brings with first fallen leaf and misty morning.
Thank you nature on many various wonders and truly blessings scattered everywhere in this wide world.

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Comments (4)

godsprincessonline now!
Beautiful write of a beautiful season of the year.

Kathy teddybear

P.S. I think I got it right this time - at least I hope so. laugh
Thank you,Kathy.
And,you got the essence that hides between my lines.
Have a nice day!
bouquet yay writing rose
your poem catches Autumn so well enjoyed reading
wave bouquet
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by AutumnChild (39 Poems)
on Nov 2019
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