Lieing for Love!

Lieing for Love

Very Poor liar!

Liar Con Artist
Dumb Man he's ignorant
Against the law to defame the military uniform and impersonate military personnel
Not taken lightly for active duty
Or Veteran
One of them
Will put him
In his place!
Smack him down
Several knotches verbally!
There was a man who wrote me on connecting singles in his dress white Navy uniform all white with 4 star general lapels
On each shoulder
His uniform says he is
a 4 star General
slouch says Not
Not the poise body language of an officer
with pride poise grace he says he's a Sergeant in the Army he doesn't have stripes!
if he had ever been in
Any Branch of the military
he would know the colors
of the U S Military uniforms and the rank for a
non commissioned officer and an officer from the academy
Con Artist
only word for it
I think there is a penalty for it!
Prior military
Can see a liar a mile away!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2019
About this poem:
Lie vs. truth
He's only fooling himself

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