A thousand islands in the sea

A thousand islands in the sea

I am an island, all on my own,
Eroded by the oceans foam,
God’s heaven temporarily on loan,
Like a grazing sheep, free to roam.

A thousand islands in the sea,
A plethora of souls isolated like me,
I am a chronicler of my times that’s been,
And some of these things my eyes have seen.

I find you in the mornings,
Like honey from the sun,
Rays shining through the blinds
Will fate today opt to be cruel or kind?

You whisper sweet reveries, of times you have seen,
And use subtle tricks to ascertain which way I will lean,
Insidious mind games, you plot to win,
Permutations of loss, loss through the wages of sin.

I am an island,
Destined to stand alone,
Aloof from the continent of fellow men,
But on the island is the ever moving scribe’s pen

So should you find me in the orchards in May,
And not having anything with my voice to say,
My words will be recorded in all its various stages,
As Bukowski said “Man’s soul or lack of it will be evident by what he can carve on a blank page”.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2019

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Comments (5)

Oh my word that is so beautiful
It really touched my heart and tears rolling down my cheeks...
What a special soul you are
Bless you heart beating
Beautifully composed. Love this!
That is an amazing poem! You grant some introspection for sure!
salamunaonline today!
Defenitely loved your write..thank you
"A thousand islands in the sea" is a beautiful poem Jazcoleman.. heartfelt & special.. TY.. purple heart

As Bukowski said “Man’s soul or lack of it will be evident by what he can carve on a blank page” bouquet
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