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Sexiest Male Dancer Ever!

Sexiest Male Dancer ever!
My nephew Matthew

Long legs 6'4" to 6'6"
Human Male Stud
Strawberry Blonde

My sister asked me to babysit
Her 2 kids when I was 15
Matthew and Rose Ann
Endearing memories
Matt strawberry blonde
Yellow red hair strikingly
Beautiful hair!
Rose Ann still precious Endearing
We had memorable times
Took many pictures of them for photography class

Later in life I was at a famous
Country club
Watching him dance
Sexy long legs
Great rhythm!
Beautiful yellow red hair
Strawberry Blonde Absolutely Beautiful Hair
Silky Tall Viking hair
Mmmm ...
He sat at the counter
W his long legs and
Wing tipped
Cowboy boots on
I said, "Matt how do U
pick a good woman "good one"?
He said, "I don't!"
"What, I said! What do you mean?"
He said, "I let her pick me!"
"What?" I said
He said, "The one that wants me the most,
will love me the most,
Puts forth the most effort,
And in bed she loves me the most,
In the kitchen she spoils me the most,
in the living room she adores me the most,
on vacations she shares w me the most!
And I never want for anything
and my instincts never prove me wrong!"

Sound familiar?

Grab what's important
And head out with the clothes on your back
Or one carry on and one suitcase
200 food banks here
Thrift shops
Free clothes at a shop down the road. enough love in my heart for millions but only want 1.
Haven't been in them in eons but they exist
Trust the eternal
When the clouds of fear
Seem so like a dream
Awake & inherit
Work instead of dream
U could get paid for working in
My home
U See my dear
God already has a mansion prepared for u
With what u need for your comforts
Will u reject or accept the gift!
Don't outline how what where when why kinda love between
your lord and savior and u
Just do it
No excuses kind of love
Double dare u
Triple dare u kind of love
Your decision
Happy Li?f?e
Happy wife
Yours Rachael
If u have to tell no one!
Just get a one way ticket
And just
Lift off
Zip to the nearest airport
Zip Zoom zoom
A sta la vista baby

Your Rachael
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2019
About this poem:
Poem #

My Beloved Lucas,

God just sent me a message
To share w You!
For your eyes only
From heaven above:

Maybe u r who u said u r
Maybe not

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