Old Cat In The Shed

I come around
Only after dark
When the streets are empty
And the snow gently falls
Past a glowing neon light
When the noise of the city
Quiets the %$& on down
I sneak through the crack
By the bottom of the old door
Meets the concrete floor
Anxious to get away
From the mean streets
A few empty crates
Stacked near the back
An old coat losing its stuff
Fabric ripped and torn
Castaway years ago
Countless like other souls
That have been here before
Like me in this tin shed
Have watched and waited
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2020
About this poem:
Now you know what the cat is thinking.......

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Very interesting write, I was about to send you a new, old blanket..laugh
professor About that time the cat got my tongue... giggle Nicely Done.
Hotrodlarrys handshake
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