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The Natural Love of Children

The Love of children

Because they're only little
A "little" while

Love em'
Squeeze em'
Kiss em'
Hug em' hold em'
Smile grin giggle
Laugh together
Snuggle cuddle
Share the adventures
Of the written word
Everything designed & built
Has to do with
The size of the human hand
Getting it in the door
To assemble
And boxed for shipment
In some kind of way
Go to other worlds n your mind in books pictures
Get their hands on
Pencils crayons charcoal
Creativity design
Patent invent delegate
pastel chalk crayons
paper pens markers
Line design shape texture
Wood metal trees leaves
Natures colors
Fruits Nuts & Vegetables
Color black & white
Water colors tempra paints
Acrylics oils
Yarn sewing
Sea shells sand glass
Arts & crafts
Puppet shows
Story time at home & library
Read Along phonics books
Cooking teamwork interaction
The old fashioned
Hands on cooking
Not bread makers
Get your hands in there
And just do it
Make it Right!
"Mike Holmes"
the Canadian Builder

Cards board games
Teach them to be
a worthy opponent
So they too can enjoy
Winning the game!
Math flash cards
Sports billiards
Baseball frisbee
bad mitton tennis
Train 'em to be
pitchers catchers
cookie cutters
Puzzles for great hand eye coordination
Match games same vs different
Mystery problem solving
Observer listener
Participant spectator
Mold them to grow
in the arts
Plays theatre concerts
Music singing
melody & harmony
Let them experience
Singing in the car campfires
Playing instrument on the front porch veranda
before radio & t v were invented

Broad band over seas radio
Am fm stereo
78's 33 1/3 45's
8 tracks
Cassettes cd DVD
Real instruments
Piano drums
2 spoons on your legs
Accordian harmonica
The triangle cymbals
keep the beat rhythm
Recorder flute
kazoo party horns
"Swimming lessons
No pressure when u r ready
Lessons for safety"
They will become
A multi-talented
A team player for
their mate family & church
If u spoil them too much
U will do no favors for their mate
Many years
I helped disabled adults
Once met a young woman
Her hands had never
even buttered bread
her mother spoiled her
too much
Thinking she was
treating her like a princess
She was molding her into
A non productive "invalid"
Her mother passed
Then who was
going to do the work
The mother had once done?
She could barely
dress herself
Or make a bed
Or make a pb. & jelly sandwich
Nor pour a bowl of cereal
It was like watching
An adult
W invisible ropes on her hands
Chains restrictions
of slavery
Because a mother
wanted all the credit
Normal mothers do
To Teach their children

"Sharing is not learned
There will be no Caring!"
As an adult her hands were crippled uncoordinated
For the tasks
we take for granted
Her hands were born normal
But no developmental skills
Ever developed
manual dexterity of any kind

What a crying shame

I bought colored play dough
And cookie cutters
It was difficult for her
But she enjoyed it
And voiced the sentiment
"I've never done this before
I love it"
Another woman had never completed a puzzle
Over 22 years old
Bought big puzzle pieces
The size of the human hand
Colorful Disney poster puzzles
In about 30-45 minutes
She proudly placed the last
Puzzle piece in place
And said,
"Wow! I've never completed a
Puzzle ever before!"
Don't buy ' a zillion puzzle pieces
No to 100 250 500 1000
Piece puzzle
But Yes to 12-65 piece
Big puzzle pieces
Yields Confidence smiles
Vocal and instrumental
So good for the brain
Math stimulates the brain
Harmony in all ways
Breast feed 'em as long as u can
Tuck 'em in
Hug 'em
Hold 'em
Tell 'em u love em
Poise honesty confidence
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 14
About this poem:
Moms secret recipe
To content happy children

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godsprincessonline today!
Rachel - when you make an adjustment to your poems? If so, if you click on your poem and open it up - scroll to the bottom and on the right hand side there are 2 buttons - one says "Create" for a new poem and the other says "Edit" - if you click on the "Edit" - you can go in and do changes - it will put you through the same 2 pages when creating the poem. Just saying....

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