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Drogons roar

The white queen
Naked she stand for all to see
Three Dragons seen
Small in stature

Conquest to full fill
The iron throne she will want
From fire and breath her

Mother's quest
For Drogon hears her mother's breath
From snow to dust to the

unsollied her army march
On ward in slaves freedom
Her wanton just the throne she hails her quest her derivatives to

follow her path her love for one
Her down ward fall
Heart broken the thrust of his knife her body lies life taken

Drogons gazes his fires rage throned burned kingdom dead
To drogons home the white queen carried lifeless

Life gone to dragon stone the resurrection my queen to live once more revenge you seek to kill the snow new dragons rise the

white queen lives once more revenge is sweet to live again
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2020

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SEEKINGingeronline today!
Spoiler alert!!!

It's a good thing I just finished the series last night before reading this today laugh
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