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Love story time *Updated improved

Loving library memories
precious experience
several mothers for
childrens story hour
@ public library
endearing story
Is what I heard
A mother told a story for
10-15 minutes. I embellished w my Personal info.

After a long loving
Day with her children
Of meals
bath time
Loving interaction
Put her children to bed
6:30 - 7:00 p m
On the 2nd floor
She went down to spend
Quality time
with her husband
Within minutes she heard...
Mom ...
"I need u!"
They said,
She climbed
up the stairs and one said
1 Can I please have my blankie
Just one more night pls?
I promise I'll stop sucking my finger & hiding it under the blanket soon But not today
I'll throw my blanket in the trash tomorrow
2nd trip up the steps etc.
2 can I have a drink of water!
3 can the dog sleep w me
4 I got to go pee
5 dad can I have a hug
6 can I pet the cat
7 can't sleep
8 Can I have a snack I'm hungry
Apple banana cookie crackers
Brownie crumbs Slice of cheese juice Pie Cake Ice cream
Just a stick of gum?
A life saver
No u already brushed your teeth
Do u want cavities?
I gotta go again
Then she again hears
Mom ...
can I have a kiss goodnight?
Baby needs diaper change
She goes up the steps
To their bedroom & says,
"It's Dads time
to have my time
If u don't stop
I'm going to give
U a spanking
pls stop"
10 minutes later
The parents
r on lovey dovey mode
Mom... pls I need u
She goes up the steps tired
She says,
"I'm going to give u a spanking
If you don't quit calling me!
It's dads turn now
You've had my time all day!"
"But mom
all I wanted to say
I love you mom!
I want you
Need you
Thanks for being my mom
Thanks for loving me
Good meals
Good play time
Great outings
Good cookies
Yummy dinner
Great breakfast
Yummy lunches
Great fruit
Thanx mom
It was a great Christmas!"

Tears came to her eyes for
Threatening him with a spanking
For he only was guilty
Of wanting to be near her
his mom
So natural to a child
The End

excuses kids have that you can do for story time another day:
Oh I forgot I need u to sign a permission Slip
I need 30 cupcakes for school
(15 w pink frosting 15 w blue)
And 30 brownies that's all
Just a total of 60
It will only take 10 minutes
For tomorrow
Uh oh I didn't finish my homework
I'm sick w a fever
I need a note for being sick
To go back to school
I need milk money
Lunch money
Can u read me a story?
No that's not how the story goes
Again Again!
Can I Skype dad I miss him?
Can we pray? sing?
We didn't get down on our knees
And fold our hands in prayer
That's the important part mom
Mom please sing me my favorite hymn from church
That one that goes
Father Mother God
Loving me
Guard me when I sleep
Guide my little feet
Up to thee...
Then a higher octave etc.
Need Show and tell to bring
For school tomorrow
My math or spelling is not done
You didn't test my spelling
nor check my math
I need to do multiplication
Flash cards again
I need to get on the computer
My report is due tomorrow
Why didn't U tell me 6 weeks ago?
You can't do it in one night!
My painting is still wet
How do I get it dry for tomorrow?
It's due its 1/3 of my semester grade?
The dog ate chewed up my homework
I need a ride to the baseball diamond after school
Band Orchestra concert practice
Choir volley ball cheer leading sports
Wrestling marshal arts
One after school activity is enough
U need to relax
I don't run a taxi escort service!
Pre school Day care says they need a check
Need tot lot supplies
"All I need is school art supplies crayons glue Glitter pencils pens eraser paste pencil sharpener paint lined paper
Hair cut make up Clothes
That's all not much!"
Permission slip for sports
It's only $200 per kid
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 27
About this poem:
Permission slip for sports
It's only $200 per kid or more
For 4 kids: (three step kids 1 son)
So what if you r sometimes a single parent men have addictions

My shoes got stuck in quick sand
Mom u were there!
At ship creek for trout salmon run
They're long gone 5' down
U saw me clear up to my hip
Dad dug me out
Adam too my step son

Private school money
Using your car
So what
I'm your kid!

2 pair of shoes only $180 each
Lucky to not have a funeral for
Two 12 & 14 year old boys

I embellished a story time from a mother of say 10-15 minutes
Of 40 plus years ago
- - - -
Your students too
Will come round
All will be well
All must be well
All is well
Patience to them and you
It takes time
For the gel
To set up and take shape
Grins giggles
They are listening
Even if You don't think so
Two cultures
Takes time to
Mark my words
Change daily
- - - -
In Honor of an
English Teacher Professor
It's my pleasure to honor you
Serving in China
I met 3 days ago
On Connecting Singles

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Comments (4)

Lovely, very satisfactory, love and kids all the way
Thank you very much for reading my poem
Seems u enjoyed it
That's what it's all about
Blessing others children or adults
HotrodLarrysonline today!
Rachael, I will break this to you kindly, when I read a poem, I would like to read a poem. To me , this is no poem.....dunno This is rambling, Please take no offence to this...
I know you put your heart and soul into it, but NOBODY wants to read 50 lines (or more)
of rambling....Please take my words to Heart...I am not condemning you. I am just telling you why nobody wants to reply ...I mentioned this to you one time before..... I will Generously reply to me this is no Poem...Just My Opinion.....
teddybear Hotrod...bouquet
Hotrod Larry

I have always held u n high regard

My opinion is I have 5000
Views & Around 60 comments to my 50 poems
Some dupes by accident only since October 26 2019 - Feb 1 2020
About 3 months
I am very new at this.
Maybe they r more like short stories not poems free verse vs much rhyming
I see u have 17 poems in the last 11 years w about 200 comments
I am doing the best I can w a relative paralyzed in the hospital
That has been sad, disheartening & a challenge
Again doing the best that I can
Keeping my chin up to be a decent authentic genuine U S. Veteran Woman
W courage valor gentleness strength
W The attitude I can do this
by God who strengthens me
U never know what another has on their plate daily
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