Clearance rack

Bored of hanging on there
An overstretched sweater
On a clearance rack
Would somebody take a notice
And help him back on track
The quality of the fabric
Soft to the gentle touch
The stream of warmth to share
At a deeply discounted price
Just hanging on out there
Not asking for much..
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2020
About this poem:
Overheard this sorting through the clearance rack

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Comments (12)

godsprincessonline today!
Hmmm! Wonder why the clothes don't speak to me? Wish they would - maybe I could figure out better what I'm suppose to wear to attract all the real available handsome men here on CS. Ah well - such is life. Thanks yaspark!

Kathy sad flower
Ya, you should help him , buy it and you will get "the stream of warmth" applause
Kathy, oh they do talk, maybe it’s rather noisy where you shop and that obscures their voices.
Also, figuring out what fits you and feels comfortable is a much more rewarding experience in my opinion than trying to please random strangers on CS.
Always appreciate your comments, thank you!
Stream of warmth is something we all appreciate, let’s believe we’re still able to detect it. Good to hear from you Sa!wave
Go and rescue that sweater, yas, hang him in your wardrobe and give him the home he deserves. heart1

After all, he is a bargain. idea
Loved the poem...made me smile, as I have worked in fashions and during the sales, everything takes on another persona....banana your words spoke to me.....great write yaspark…...Kathy NZ wave
trurorobonline today!
Subtly done, enjoyed the read, methinks more to this than meets the eye
Good to hear from you Harb! handshake
Not really looking for bargains here, get to rescue the one who feels right.. confused
Glad the poem spoke to you Kathy and made you smile, thank you!handshake
Always good to hear from you Rob!handshake
Thanks for observing the unintentional ambiguity here, depends what you hear, some beer may help sort it outcheers
Abby1963online today!
Very interesting poem . I like how you left the poem open for each reader to interpret it their own way . heart wings
Thank you Abby, appreciate to hear from you, intended the poem to be a bit ambiguous, glad it worked !wave
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