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Loves embrace Dance

What u wrote above
Was exquisite
Loving wonderful
my response
When a couple
in the language
of a slow dance
he takes her in his arms
Places her palm
Upon his warm chest
Upon his heart
He is
trusting her
His heart
Telling her
I love u
want u
Need u
desire u
U r mine
Enveloped in his embrace
I know I have come home
I love it there
I Never want to
leave this
Loving hug
Mmmm ...
Want to read it again
20 times!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2020
About this poem:
Love truely Amazing warmth!

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Comments (2)

One thing is saying you love me and the other thing is not trully meaning what you say... You think love is a joke, you can't hate someone you love you can't talk bad about your love. you just believe in each other and what ever storm that comes you handle it together.
Ref: chrisstores comment:

The above person
Turned out to not be nice
Due to not understanding English
That's all folks
That's all she wrote
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