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Loves unbareable Loneliness

Loves unbareable
Suggestions solutions offered
to a very young man
Too young for me
Suffering from alone time

Thank you
For your gratitude

When loneliness try's to grab u
Grab some inspiration
Make A choice
Go swimming,
hop in the hot tub
Soothe your soul share design create
comfort a child friend
Paint draw music
from angels
explore nature flowers
Gods designs are endless unlimited in supply
on earth
The Milky Way galaxy
shout out to the universe
Someone is always listening
Lean on the sustaining infinite the enduring the good the true

The evidence of things hoped for
The evidence of things unseen

& lean not only
unto thine own understanding
The evidence of things hoped for
don't be surprised when God answers your prayers

Find a church fellowship
Share the love warmth grace mercy cooking, do your share
Read the Bible hymns
Write love songs lyrics
Help the world to blossom into song love naturally wisely
The evidence of unseen things

* one of many of Gods wonderful amazing creations the lady foots slipper and the iris like purple velvet
Lillies of the valley little white bells
Lilacs purple lavender white pink
orange blossoms
honey suckle lillies

orchids for diff humming birds species to collect nectar
All diff beaks exclusive for
Diff humming birds
To get nectar designed just for them
Long trumpet beak
Funnel beak
Short arced beak
That no other bird can reach deep down in there to drink
Like a petite straw
exclusive to them

Loves' nectar juices
A Gift from God
Sweeter than honey

Musk Ox under hair
Qiviut yarn
That sheds
gold from the heavens
For petite blankets
to tiny critters in the mountains
Gifts from the Gods
Thin hats scarves
Smoke ring hats
Thin yet warm
Ranging from $70 - $3000

Blond Hair
A stran of Gold thread

Strawberry blonde hair
Copper gifts

Indian blue purple tinted black hair
Gifts from Indians

Do something You enjoy
Read a hallmark poem
Two fav books
The Kitchen from Dan Rathers mother
Sex and the city sponsored poems thin 1/4" book
Famous poems lines from
Beethovens "Immortal Beloved"
Lord Byron

The movie Immortal Beloved
About Beethoven
Amadeaus Mozart a trip of a prankster genius child prodigy
So very smart
The movie little Red violin
Mystery romance history intrigue

Bill & Gloria Gaither
Gaither vocal band
Earner Hass & signature sound
Dream on DVD
Guy penrod
Anthony burger
Gordon mote
David phelps
Larry Gatlin

African children's choir
If coal can turn to diamonds
Sand into pearls
If a Worm can turn into a butterfly
Than love can turn the world

Reach out and
touch somebody's hand
Make this world a better place
If you can
Diana Ross

Sing often
Love much

Michael Landon Jr.
Love comes softly
DVD set of 9
Clean family Christian movies
They make u feel "special"
Full of love in your heart
1. Love comes softly
2. Loves Enduring Promise
3. Loves Long Journey
4. Loves Unending Legacy
5. Loves Unfolding Dream
6. Love Takes Wings
7. Love Finds a Home
8. Love Begins
9. Loves Everlasting Courage

Become a chef that will only serve u like momma fixed it!
Food only good enough for your own mother
Fresh vegetables
Juicy fruit
Tender meat
Fresh bread
Cookies cake chocolates
Never burnt
Never tuff
Never hard to chew

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2020
About this poem:
Suggestions to a young man

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Comments (2)

southmiami4321online today!
Very lovely suggestions to someone that feels lonely. Appreciating nature with its beauty is spiritually uplifting. Taking the time to invest your time in something productive that you enjoy is just right. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about what to do when feeling lonely.
When I feel lonely I hide it away in my pocket. The negative feelings just melt away and let the positive thoughts rush in my mind to move forward. When I see a burst of beautiful sunshine through my window it just makes my day turn lovely. teddybear heart wings cheering
To southmiami4021 ???

Thank you
For your kindness
to the women
who commented on my poem
Much appreciated
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