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You'll always be beautiful

Loved your beautiful song absolutely stunning soothing words
Bathed in beauty & light
(MBE) that's how it made me feel a warm comforting soothing place w love the secret
Most imp relevant ingredient to the recipe of peace
Made w a heart n soul
Calm cool collective
Balance comfort
rest text work
when it flows
rest when needed kinda "Gentleman"
We are both writers
Been typing quite awhile
Thx for sharing much
I want to read your poem about 10 more times
Superb Mmmm ... !
Fab fav read
But u disappeared!

came for moments - disappeared
I typed for hours
U didnt respond for 6-7 days
So intense in your own
Unfinished business left behind
Didn't finish what you started

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 24
About this poem:
came for moments - disappeared
I typed for hours
U didnt respond for 6-7 days
So intense in your own
Unfinished business left behind
Didn't finish what u started Ugh!

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trurorobonline today!
If you have to be warned again about posting all this rambling crap on here which is not poetry, you will be reported to the moderators, 13 of the first page are yours you are not giving others a chance to be read.
You have a right to post a poem but your rubbish is NOT poetry, do you not understand you are acting selfishly please try and act responsibly with CONSIDERATION for others.
Most on here are far too polite to say anything, I am not.
I second the comments above. Random thoughts with no coherence, save it be for the ones in your head, do not constitute poetry in any sense of the term. The flooding of posts that dominate the page stand as evidence of an excessive need for attention, (and or medication). I suggest you try these compilations of word clusters on the Bloggers pages.....they too are mainly useless and hardly worth a read.
lovecanberealonline today!
Rachael, keep writing, but please don't "flood"
I am trying to do much shorter poems
lovecanberealonline today!
This means don't launch six or seven poems onto this Corner at once. No more than one (or two), at a time. Leave some time, between your posts. That is what "flooding" means...professor
godsprincessonline today!
If you are addressing your letters to one particular person - maybe private messaging would be better? Because I think some of your writing would be considered by the other person as private. Just saying...dunno confused

Beethovens letter to his
Immortal beloved
Was shared to the world
Of his admiration of her
I highly recommend the movie
For you to view that part
I want to believe the fact that her poems might be private yeah but I also feel it's not something to troll on her about. Ma'am please don't flood as being told before give your posts time.
I don't care for your poems they are dark, uninspiring
But u find reasons to be negative to me: I am a new poet I write w my heart
U accuse me of flooding and say my poems r too personal
Even though Beethoven and others love letters are published
U try and troll me it is uncalled for
It is called freedom of speech
U block women to write u back in your profile but u have much to say about my poems
But u allow no feedback to a response to you
It's called freedom of speech
Again I write w my heart
Not all dark stories of rejection
or not being given a chance
You too deserve a chance for love to
Bloom grow prosper
do anything you want
No matter what
U need a real friend that can see your inner beauty
God didn't make any Junk!

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