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Before the rust forms between my cold bones
In a grave am I lost and gone forevermore
Only a name chiseled on the face of a rock
Dates made by the passage of time they store
Now laying down easy on the forest floor
The scattering of light that was set free
Soaring in flight as light on feathered wings
A light that is so pure and reemerging again
Escaping the traps of the past and all its pain
Bound up and recasted…..Metamorphosis
Brought up and restored and rebreathing
Everything muscle changing in form
Before becoming made into permanence
This is what it feels like….. to be reborn
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 15
About this poem:
A poem about life and faith or death and doubt and everything else in between.

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Comments (4)

Beatifully written Chris. I like your style. But I am curious what caused this topic? Greetings. Lily applause
It is a very reflective style of writing about changing forms, both flesh and blood and spiritual things......
Not lost and gone forevermore...Only an irresponsible Creator would create without grand purposes. If said Creator did, would prove Him irresponsible....and therefore imperfect...............
godsprincessonline today!
Old sinful self dies in the face of acceptance of the Lord and we are reborn thru our belief as one with Him. Thus when our physical body dies - thus our Spirit is still alive with our Lord.

Kathy angel teddybear
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