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Kle76am a very special human

Is that a relationship gone sour ?
Just going thru the motion of a good wife,
A hard working woman and a loving mom,
This is who you are at the moment.

Many hidden talents ,
Pretty secrets buried ,
You are more than a woman ,
You are a Super human !

A mind to speak of substance ,
You can't take any nonsense,
Straight as an arrow and true,
You chase away all the blues .

Feisty and honest your motto,
Your mom brought you up right,
A lady, friend and comforter,
Thank you for being Special .
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2020
About this poem:
I was inspired to write this
After reading a poem she wrote.
Its been a long time for me
And I feel happy its about thee .

Stay strong and inspiring
Be a lighthouse in the storm
You are more than a poet
This poem dedicated for you

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Comments (7)

Hi, morgen90210,
Feisty and honest your motto,
Your mom brought you up right,

Although I think being a good woman should be enough, I love that the subject of your poem enjoyed the benefit of a good and healthy upbringing. Thanks for sharing this hopeful write.
Rachael_0622online today!
It brings me much joy that u honor this woman
And it gives me peace contentment tranquility joy smiles
Until the sexes are Equalized
there will be no peace on earth! (MBE)
You are an angel on earth respecting others
And not participating in bad but only good!
Many peoples cultures that r n turmoil
Just seek peace in all ways w their family
Supply food warmth peace home joy happiness smiles worth
Rachael_0622cheering peace cheering
Rachael_0622online today!

Every time I read your poem
I love it
It becomes more meaningful
thank you
much much much
Inspiring motivating
thanks gnj4usad flower
double thanks Racheal
Im just being me cool
Women should be told how great they are, for what they do in this world is superhuman.super
You are brother .thank youhandshake
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