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The Specimen

I am truly an Amazing Failure.
I am a creature of habit.
I try and try again and again
only to end up right where I started it.
If Only I were that lucky.

My heart goes out
like a bird from a cage
with a busted lock
random curiosity is its sage
seeking what it sees to find out more

But what it sees it does not like.
It has been burnt
Caught by a cat looking for the same things

But why did this bird
not see it coming like a freight train?
Let's take a look
Here's some remains.
Let's probe through his brain.

He wasn't looking where he was flying
poor thing
His vision deluded by what his mind told him he saw.
it was too late, of course.

He saw the terrible truth
he saw for himself
his curiosity betrayed him
He was hit by a shelf
or something just as heavy.

No one told the bird where to go
no one to help him, no one to hold him
No one to guide him through right and wrong
No one to listen to his beautiful song
He died under the pressure and gravity of the Sun.

Now ordinarily, this would not have done him in.
He's a hardy specimen.
But coupled with his fated flight
are sores of an earlier fight
one, perhaps several, which were never resolved quite right.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2010
About this poem:
Two parter! I'm sorry so many of my poems are divided, but the 3000 character limit is highly restrictive to my works!

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great telling....
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