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Rachael_0622online today!
by Rachael_0622Big lake, Alaska, USAApr 195 comments

Love vs. Trouble I need my man home!

Love vs. trouble
I need my man home!
The virus killing more
human beings
over 25,000?
On planet earth
Social self distancing
An unpleasant experience
more unnecessary deaths
of our loved ones
Or the choice of world extermination
Or the end of the
human race
As we know it!
212 countries plus territories
Is this why
other planets are empty
Or are they living
From human abuse
To the planet they live on destroy pollute don't appreciate
Disrespecting Mother Nature
Extinct animals and species
Of trees our #1 the trees
that filter out the bad
And their roots that hold in the soil vegetation water
To not get blown away
Man is very selfish
Global warming
the end result
Polar bears are like
skeletons w fur on them
All bones
on the verge of extinction
a mammoth massive
wonder of the world
w not enough to eat
The melting glaciers makes it so the ice bergs are no longer prevalent to jump on to go out to sea to eat
Now she has gone out
so far from shore
Her young can't survive the strong current way further out than 50 miles
her young can't survive
Without her
Or survive the journey
With her
Drowns and lands on a distant shore on the beach
Mother Nature sweeping the dead to the shore
To cleanse purify the water
Just like a spouse in the military waits endlessly for their loved one to come home
Until they can't wait
no More
Forever is too long
A high percentage
Ends in divorce
Due to humans are
highly social animals
They need more than
just food & water
needing companionship commeraderie'
Interaction affection
Teamwork togetherness
Sincere soul mates
& definitely the human touch
Monkeys apes gorilla silver backs wither & die
without it
Humans have available to them the best food on the planet
But starving for affection!

my house is clean
Laundry done
Poems stories written
A hole fashion line
And more completed
But there is no one
that can replace your soulmate
Severely missed
In your living room
dining room
Or hot tub
No affection
Not reasonable
No member standing at attention!
Not even ONE hug!
How long must this
Torture to an affectionate woman
To not hug hold caress
Gee Whiz
Where's Thelma & Louise
At the bottom of a cliff
Dead in a Cadillac?
No, there are no bodies there
Just a story on paper
To a fictional movie!
We will survive
Stay alive
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 19
About this poem:
Mother Nature is she getting a break right now! regeneration in the country and city? The world has slowed down drastically: NY skyscrapers, Paris France, Seattle WA, all the major cities on earth, less pollution on land & water, crops are going bad on the vine, meat, vegetables, dairy ...
Oh God Please help us find peace
Please let us learn to respect Mother Nature, Earth, oceans, lakes, rivers, streams
Above all help us learn to respect our fellow man no matter what size color or height or where they live
For surely all they really seek is love
& their fair share of the piece of the pie!
Maybe greed & low wages and underpaid is the cause of suffering to man woman girl boy
Hunger water housing food heat
Income plus more
Creature comforts needed by all
Not just some
Oh God please help us
How can we have peace when some
Hunger & thirst for righteousness?
Fairness kindness justice togetherness ...

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Comments (5)

Rachael_0622online today!
Unbearable loneliness
How much more torture must we endure?
Ugh? Ugh?
Rachael_0622online today!
***Much improved
tenderness touch fairness justice
Their won't be full peace on earth
Until there is peace justice for all! Not just some!
Rachael_0622heart wings teddybear heart wings
I like your creative writing... I imagine this as a rap, musical form., Expressive with strong feelings Wish I could be a music artist.teddybear teddybear bouquet
Rachael_0622online today!
Thank you much
The lady that talked about rap music lyrics song writer
You can do it
One write at a time
U will get better and better
Like last night I did one about horses
Than refined to just one of
Lovers learn from watching the dance

A minister says
No excuses, no yeah buts, no what ifs,
Just do it attitude,
In minutes I get right to it and complete the assignment
Pick your theme topic
True or dreams
Add polish
Stir blend
Add beat
Participants spectators
Shade tree cowboy hats at the rodeo
Enjoy the ride
I am a 62 year old rookie
Don't let anyone ruffle your feathers
Lean on the divine
To guide guard govern
Thx for your friendship
I wanted to type your user name
But can't see it here
Too much to lose here
I needed that!
Rachael_cheering: cheering
Raj7289online today!
I am totally speechless
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