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by doglover14hudson, New York, USAApr 2112 comments

On and On and On She Goes

On and On and On she goes ~
She knows not when to quiet her never ending gibberish.

On and On and On she goes ~
Having no understanding or concept
As to the drowning affect that her
Voiced pen is having on others.

On and On and On she goes ~
Caring not for one infinitesimal second
That she is actually driving some talented poets bonkers!

On and On and On she goes ~
Does she not ~ within the realms of her actual life
Have even one person to actually
Listen to the abundance of words
That she so obviously has
Floating in the concaves of her skull?

On and On and On she goes ~
The more I read
The more my heart brakes
With feelings of compassion and sorrow
For this lonely unhappy soul.
Will she ever stop?

I implore just one kind and compassionate man
Who is reading this
To have pity on us and end
Her quest for attention
Thereby giving the rest of us some peace.

Hey ~ come on now ~
Be A Good Sport!
Lol !
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 21
About this poem:
I must be a terrible person.

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Comments (12)

godsprincessonline today!
writing blah blah blah bowing hole confused doh frustrated sleep roll eyes mumbling sad flower help dunno sick choir hijack sheep

Love you Mady and miss Cafe Jim dearly. Where is our JimEee?

Kathy teddybear
My, My ~ What pretty cartoons you've

I don't think the day will come that I stop missing Cafe`. He was such a joy to so many people.

So far as JimEee ~ He's probably lying patiently in wait for some unsuspecting young maiden to walk into one of those traps ~ set deep in the forest ~ that he and Cafe` placed ~ while of course sipping on some 'funny tea'

Stay safe ~ Mady teddybear: hug teddybear
salamunaonline today!
Hi,you are not a terrible person. You are very much right..But unfortunately you try
to break through an unbreakable wall.stay safe. Lily wave
trurorobonline now!
An honest write my friend, but she only listens to the voices in her head, she is trying to ingratiate herslef with others by commenting, never mind she will go eventually.
Salamuna ~
Thank you so much for reading & commenting on my attempt at humor regarding a subject matter that is anything but humorous.

Of course I realized that it would be neither of value nor purpose ~ but it felt good to just let the words flow. I've had a real long dry spell ~ so actually I was grateful for the

Mady applause
Hi Rob ~
Thank you so much for both reading and commenting on my little absurdity.

I am very grateful that I am not privy to 24/7 access into her head. OMG ~ Send me to jail instead.

Seriously ~ I realize that nothing I or anyone else has to say will make any difference ~ but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta
And you were totally correct ~ this too will end some day...more lol.

Mady frustrated laugh
Mady the Lady,...Savvy insight. The appropriate clinical term used is... 'Manic Bi-Polar.' It is a truly crippling disease of the mind with no real cure. The illness can be 'managed' with appropriate pharmaceuticals, a class of drugs known as either 'antipsychotics,' or 'hypnotics,' such as Halcyon..... These however have severe negative side-effects, Halcyon especially. 'Mood-stabilzers' are often combined to suppress the negative side-effects of the first two classes of medications when used in conjunction when clinically-appropriate, yet at that point institutionalization is often required. Well-written piece that summed it up all so well. Take care, C.purple heart
Christian ~
Thank you so much for your kind and informative comments. In the 'old days' it was called 'manic depressive'. Unfortunately I am well aware of it and the path of havoc that it creates. My sister was one of the first people put on Lithium ~ the original ( so far as I know) drug of choice back in the'50's. It's a terrible condition ~ both for the person and for their families.

Again thank you ~ and please stay safe.
You got it sweetness.... I just quickly glanced over the comments posted prior to me commentating myself. I, in fact, just might be, opposite too. Mentally-speaking, in certain facets. In fact, to be exact, more-often than not, might not be, but could be, probably, or might be, equally, delirious, with tremens, good heavens, Lithium and Librium, take presedence, ever since, the beginning of these.......... stupid run-on

Forgive me dear, I am just so glad to read what has been written thus far by some of my besties here....sense of humor is on full-throttle, and good God, if not here and now, then when and where?

Let us pray for the mentally-ill, that is what He would have us all do,....All candykid-ding aside....

Cpurple heart
You are wise Christian. I've always been most fearful of those who deem themselves to be "normal". What is normal? Who is normal? Are we 'normal'?
I think not.
Perhaps we should start a club for those of us that possibly might be just a tad 'off'. We are the 'thinkers' of the world. We ( of course I can really only speak for myself) ~ are the ones with the imaginations and the ability to realize that 'normal' people are terribly frightening.

Hmmmmm.....sounds like I've really gone over the

Abnormality is power...OMG...Mady rolling on the floor laughing teddybear
Hi, doglover14,
Listen to the abundance of words...
Floating in the concaves of her skull

Though I sift through all of the words that float through my head and try to pick out a few words/images with the same focus that might work well together, sometimes a friend will say, you know you have at least two poems in there. It isn’t until they point it out that I notice it. Hopefully, we will all continue to develop as poets and people. heart brakes
With feelings of compassion and sorrow

Thank you for sharing your poetic thoughts as everyone wrestles with how to avoid drowning in words when we are all hoping to be validated, challenged and/or shored up by them.
Gnj4u ~
Thank you so much for taking the time to read and to comment on this writing.

True ~ most of us probably have an excess or a surplus of both meaningful and meaningless words floating around in our minds. Fortunatly for the rest of us ~ the majority of us have the ability to somewhat filter that which reaches the rest of the world.

Variety is the spice of life they

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