Only music

The saxophonist played
Into the night
Always hidden
By the darkness
Of the arch
The homeless man slept
On a bench
In the tired old park
I wish i could be a musician.
Then I will,
If I don’t die first,
I can play all the night
In the wind
Under the arch
So that the homeless man
Can smile
Sleeping under
A drunk sky
Don't worry about your Life.
For only music
Always remains with us
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2020
About this poem:
It is al about the power of music......

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Comments (10)

Rachael_0622online today!
In your dream may I request u add the instrument u r playing and the sounds it is making?
Or is it the sax?
trurorobonline today!
Thoughtful poem Lily, feels a little sad but with hope always there.
Rob x
godsprincessonline now!
Lovely poem Lily - please don't change a thing. Beautiful the way it is written from the heart.

Kathy hug
Thank you Robert. Also for your correction. Lily heart wings
Thank you Kathy..don t worry. I am not going to change anything. I am just going to ignore some comments . Lily teddybear
Lily ~
What a beautiful thing that would be. If only it were possible.
Thank you for sharing this heartfelt poem.

One of the most powerful God-given gifts we have here upon this entire Earth. You ironically, already are, a musician within.......strictly with words. Beautiful.


purple heart
Thank you Mady for your kind comment .. this is of course my fantasy ... my point was that music will save the world. Stay safe. Lily teddybear
Totally agree is a tremendous power .
I really feel the most subtle vibrations of sounds. But unfortunately I never played any instrument except the guitar.thank you for your comment. I do appreciate it. Stay safe. Lily purple heart
Hi, salamuna,
Whether ...hidden
By the darkness
Of the arch

or out in the open, may we all learn to create music that brings smiles ...under A drunk sky... Love the idea of being drunk on music. Thank you for sharing.
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