Love Let's do it let's fall in love

Let's do it let's fall in Love: Loves mating calls
"From the least of these
Unto the greatest of these
You do it unto me" KJV"
Think on these things

Communication is the key
To the mating dance
Even the swans & giraffes
Swirling their long necks to attract their mate for attention

Elephants use their mouth and trunk as a horn to signal their mate the herd of danger Lead Matriarch guides with her horn

The pride of the lions
Marks their trail to and fro
With the scent of their
Urine to guide them far away & lead them back home to their mate family or young

Sounds noises of love
The thump of a male rabbits foot repeatedly hitting the ground calling his mate
By vibrating the earth
Thump thump thump

A bird puffing up his breast
Or ruffling his feathers
Calling her closer
come H I t h e r ...

Colors noises sound suggestions the noise of the wind Mother Nature I want to feel all of that in a poem
Noticing feeling the weather
The rain and romance of the sunset moon instruments animals the imagination of the noises accents the literary words

Aroma of sunshine of fresh sheets
Hanging on the line, flapping in the wind as the water gets shook off from the washer dried by the sun the clothes pins hold secure
That land on your bed
You pull to your nose
The aroma of mom
Putting my sheets on the clothes line w clothes pins
smelling sunshine Mmmm ..

See hear smell taste
Sunshine rain dew floral fragrance perfume attracting their mate

Yearning enticing
Strings of the mandolin
violin or guitar harp
Horns drums
Gods breath on earth
color paint pallet artist designer creator
Sounds of all water sources
From a trickle to a bird bath from the heavens down the rivers from the mountains past the glaciers creeks valleys meadows underground spring water ponds oceans
Even the Cistern spring fed water held for your gardens or live stock
I'm preparing to publish a poem
On water
We value the water to quench our thirst
Hot tubs claw foot tubs pools
To soothe our souls
Scientists say water is not native to earth
full of micro organisms
Minerals that may have come by comets
in holes to earth
The growl of a bear
the snores of a man testosterone leading the estrogen to a woman
Turn on to his or her mate
The mating calls or mating dances
Of humans or birds like peacocks swans ostrich bizarre or the Bird
that puffs his breast repeatedly
To attract a mate
the animals calling their mate to guide them home they have no phones nor radio frequency
Nor antenna or
GPS to guide their mate back home to the nest
The female is chirping whistling loudly for her mate to bring food home to their offspring
If he can't find her they don't eat
If she leaves the nest unprotected
Predators or eagles will kill her babies
or do they
Like a magnet or chemical or scent or whistle or chirp mating call
or the tail signaling flapping the water salmon whales calling their mate visually to see or hear their tail or vibration or feel the ripple from a motor in a boat that water tail behind it or a snow mobile tail Left in the snow
Movement noises instruments
Or the most bizarre comment
My dad referring to "Shania Twain"
Said, that would be some expensive tail to maintain
A blessed angel mermaid on earth
A mane like a thoughbread race horse blowing in the wind her hair is pure elegance a man said he could get lost in her red auburn hair fire & passion silk gliding across on his face and skin
As gentle & tender to drape caress across my chest he said
Birds do it
Biggg Cats do it
Humans all over the world do it
even ants do it
Fall in love
box jelly fish
Crayfish King snow crab
With pinchers do it
Do a dance
"Let's do it" is by
Ella Fitz Gerald lyrics

Rachael_0622 :teddybear
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2020
About this poem:
Animals calling their mate
Blooming into song
a fragrant poem
Mmmm ...

Hear the sounds instruments
See their mating calls
Smell the fragrance
Taste All of the smells

This poem in process
Is in its infancy
Much to do
To edit to polish
way under finished at the moment

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Comments (4)

You write with your heart and that is something i love. And you are an amazing
Respected Loving heart wings
Rachael_0622 angel
peace thumbs up
You wrote a Great and Meaningful Poem.
Sorting out the way how birds animals mate.
The words used very correctly and showing it meaning in the poem. cheering
(The growl of a bear
the snores of a man testosterone leading the estrogen to a woman
Turn on to his or her mate
The mating calls or mating dances
Of humans or birds like peacocks swans ostrich bizarre or the Bird
that puffs his breast repeatedly
To attract a mate) kiss hug
The Love Of Man & Woman
Starting with Eyes
Form Eyes To Heart
From Heart To Toung
From Toung To Hands
From Hand To Hug
From Hug To Kiss
From Kiss To Bed
Than All has done.
teddybear bouquet heart beating
Stay Happy and Safe Sweet Rachael
Love Care and Regards
Syed love

I couldn't sleep
Really amazed at your cool response
Raising my eye brows
Mmmm ... HOT!
You don't miss nothing!
You r good Grrreat!
: )
Thank you for viewing
And respond
Rachael_0622 rolling on the floor laughing yay teddybear
Respected Loving
Graceful Gorgeous
Dearest Rachael_0622
angel hug thumbs up
You're Always Welcome handshake
Live Long Rise and Shine bouquet
teddybear heart wings kiss
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