Good Witch of the North


Daily flying

Angels unaware

Busy little beavers
Trying to put in a dam

Angels breath

drink of Christs cup
reach 4 his hand
To share peace
W mankind


But freedom
Of speech

Christ 2 lead them

You could follow
An angel

I change the channel
To seek a true man
Of the cloth
2 try to forgive

You do not know me
Know my burdens
all the patients
I made sacrifices 4
All Homemade Food
carry their souls
Change diapers
Wipe runny noses
Clean their face of drool
Sanitize their accidents
Feed them by hand
One pureed bite
a time
2 not afixiate
Food to their lungs
Listen to their throat
2 Swallow
So they don't choke
Mend their hearts
Feed their soul
Humbled w compassion
protect them
keep them safe
Protect their money
From thieves in the night
B their advocate
Keep them warm
Heal their wounds
4 peace on earth

An Angel sent to earth
Who amongst you does that?
I do
For over 6 decades
Tireless love
Protecting the weak

I'm not You?
Diversity of cultures
Religions is what America
Was founded on
Plymouth Rock
Change the channel
Become a real angel
An instrument of peace
Flutter your wings
You'll find peace n your soul

But Angels on earth
Spreading the peace
A glow will shine
on your face

But God surely knows
I'm guilty of nothing
And knows what I've done
I'm only guilty
of offering love

I go to my brother for peace

I adore you love u
my brother
my very Dear Friend!
Prayers peace
trying times
Global victory
peace to all n prayers
That all have water food safety rest tonight
Their higher
power of choice!
Peace by
their holy book of choice!
Poems words of their choice!

I wrote a poem for thee
Written for you
After u inspired me

Let Gods Angels
Send in a lion

To An Angel
to good!
I'm Sorry
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2020
About this poem:
Good witch of the North

Rachael_0622yay applausepeace


Im sorry

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The 3 witches
And their brewd
Thought they could dish it out
And I lay down and die
They got what was coming to them
Much kinder
Than what they composed
Except to find
While spite on the end of their nose
I will not lay down and die
A warrior til the end!
I'm not blind to your evil
U tried to bury me in dread
Flick me off the table of life
Toss me n the grave
Nail the coffin shut
Lay me down 6 ' under
And dish out the dirt daily
Just because my prose
Is different longer than yours
U have no compassion
N your heart
Rachael_0622 yay cheers cheering peace rolling on the floor laughing
ReaderOfSoulsonline today!
Free flowing, yet words spoken of truth. I love it!! wine heart wings

I'm ReaderOfSouls (ROS) and I write Cowboy Poetry. cowboy I made my niche here years ago and it's so nice to see some familiar names and faces still here. :-)

If you ever need a listening ear or a kind shoulder to lean on, always please feel free to send me a message through inbox. :-)

Thank u for appreciating the truth

Welcome Home!
Rachael_0622 cheering
Tried inbox
I had a good one for u
U would have laughed
It said I am not allowed
to send to your inbox
Pls advise

Deadline is April 28 anything up to 5000 words poem or story or excerpt
= exposure
I have a place u can publish your poems but prefer private message
Do u want msg right here
Your in box says no messages from women? Some kind of restriction?
U will like funny text saved for u
I again tried to communicate w u per your request
Again when I click on your photo it says I don't fall into the age group to send u a message to your user I D
I also have law enforcement in my family
Your age limit is 60 I'm 62
It says u must not be separated and other things
Was only responding for on line friendship
Good day
Rachael_0622 cheering peace
Respected Loving
Rachael_0622 angel
Very nicely explained the Witches their Crew.
head banger
Smells like a duck
Looks like a duck
Quacks like a duck
Must be a duck
Quack Quack!
Evil like the devil
Laugh like a witch
Thanks for Sharing peace hug heart wings
Dear timotie
Thank you for your kindness
Hope u r enjoying your Holiday
God speed ...
It must be challenging!
I miss your kind soul every day!

cheering heart wings teddybear
Dear timotie
Thank you for your kindness
Hope u r enjoying your Holiday
God speed ...
It must be challenging!
I miss your kind soul every day!

cheering heart wings teddybear
ReaderOfSoulsonline today!
Rachael hug

I'm so sorry that it took so long in getting back to you. I work 18 hour days- yes, I'm a first responder. sir bobby

I also re-set my settings, so please feel free to send a message to my inbox. thumbs up heart wings


P.S. Thank you so much for the Welcome Home! cowboy

You r an industrious ingenious woman impressive
A first responder on the home front what a pleasure treasure
to know you
18 hours one tuff cookie!
I was a nurse
But at 6 I cared for a whole clan of relatives into my 20's & more
I have had the responsibilities companion of a billionaire
Shortages eliminated
Eliminated in the millions
Cared for the disabled
Accounting payroll etc
Problem solver
Nurturer teacher
Govt. factory worker
Angels work is never done!
cheering teddybear cheering
Respected Loving
Dearest Rachael
I am thankful to you for Kind words. thumbs up
You've pious Soul and enlightening Spirit. cheering
Stay Safe. hug
teddybear bouquet
ReaderOfSoulsonline today!
Rachael hug

I was raised on a 30,000 acre ranch in Texas. Ingenuity came naturally. I come from a large, boisterous family. At 19, I raised my hand and took the oath to defend America. I was a nurse in '91 (ODS) and '03 (OIF) served both active and reserve. Then came home and went into law enforcement. I'm usually a detective investigating Child Sex Crimes, so yes, I'm actually paid. When the Coronavirus became a threat, I once more raised my hand and volunteered to become a first responder. I'm still paid, but it's not the money- it's the satisfaction of helping others. It's well engrained from birth and blood to lands far away. :-)

I have a much smaller ranch these days and chores to do when my "tours" end. It's heritage that carries me on and it will be passed to the younger family members when they come of age.

Keep a positive and pleasant attitude- "Your life and its surroundings are a direct reflection of your own attitude". :-)

hug heart wings
Thank you

Pretty cool stuff u shared
Abundant grace
Absolutely wonderful
Legacy and giving of your self
The ranch must be a bonus
Your sacred place
Home sweet home
But not the circumference of your
Life's influence on u (MBE)
Home school teachers many
It takes a village to raise a child
Melody harmony
Between heaven and earth
Rachael_0622cheering cheering

Reverence to diety
Dedication to life
Bathed n beauty n light (MBE)
inspiring to elevate lift up
Motivational speakers
Can transform educate
Rejuvenate enlighten
Pure effulgence can b
(Lyrics by a disfigured man burned by a fire man named Kim:
& Bill Gaither
African Children's choir
If coal can turn to diamonds
Sand into pearls
If a worm can turn into a butterfly
Than love can turn or change the world)
& (Earnie Haus & signature sound reach out and touch some bodies hand
Make this a better place if you can
Diana Ross)
Rachael_0622 teddybear
lovecanberealonline today!
Witches, are not entirely bad Racheal...uh oh

There Are 3 *itchin' Witches *itches
IN the poetry corner that formed a team to harass me and others daily Unfortunately they monitor my activity my dear & go out of their way to sabotage my poems status
Wicked witch of the West
good witch of the North
I acknowledge your comment thus noted.
Rachael_0622 cheering yay teddybear
3 Witches update
Rachael_0622yay applausepeace
ReaderOfSoulsonline today!
Good to hear, Rachael! hug yay peace heart wings teddybear
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