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yachtsman_7online today!
by yachtsman_7Dublin, IrelandMay 25 comments

the rebuild

she was crying
in the sea
unloved and worn
she spoke to me

her heart and boards
were long ripped out
her diesel engine
left in doubt

yet I heard her
heard her true
in her estuary
of blue

I spent a fortune
on her hull
I slept beneath
the dawning gull

weeping wounds
carved by years
open sores
wept salted tears

a friend helped me
with her coat
a rising tide
lifts every boat

and I rescued her
that year
out of wet rot
out of fear

yet twas she
who rescued me
with my work
upon the quay

less days
to think of you
my retro thinking
hours few

the odd bewildered
would enquire of me

this dishevelled
bearded man
eating something
from a can

I thank the thousands
that walked past
who saw her place in life
as last

they failed to stop
and read the signs
they saw no beauty
in her lines
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2

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Comments (5)

salamunaonline today!
Hi Ru! very beautiful write. I understand not so much of the beauty of the lines of boats, but I definitely see the beauty of the lines of your verse. Thank you. Stay well. Lilywave
Hi, yachtsman_7,
yet twas she
who rescued me
with my work
upon the quay

It takes the right person to pass by and notice her restoration potential and, in turn, get restored. Thank you for sharing this sea-worthy write with its rising tide. Delightful!
godsprincessonline today!
Beautiful tribute to an old boat that is now refurbished and gives tribute back to you. Wonderful write. Thanks for sharing.

Kathy teddybear
Enjoy your boat.
Rachael_0622online now!
Hi yachtsman_7
I'm a water lover mermaid
I could see the ship in the water
Could see it near the beach
Where every wave wiggles its belly
Calling u home take me home
Refurbish me love me
Hair blowing in the wind
Sun shine seagulls
Some of its guts removed
Calling you make me into something useful again pretty again
Those that have hearts
See possibilities potential of old ribs old lines old wood expensive weathered wood
Just like when u enter an antique shop and u say that thing over there is talking loudly to me u have an idea of how to recycle & take her home
She becomes a treasure a good find great addition to your masterpieces collections
Clean it up make it useful again
I have carved bears made from the wood from old ships beautiful
Great soul in this poem intriguing
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