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by Rikco11London, Greater London, England, UKMay 32 comments

Trusting This Journey (Part 3)

Trust in the journey hey
When nothing's going your way
Always a bill to pay
He say n she say
Way too much work n no play
How many bullets can 1ne take?
And even though they're fake
Can't hide from the feelings they make
You feel
Wanna smile
Wanna shine
But shizz is frikkin real
How can ya trust in this?
When all around more darkness than bliss
Or so it would seem
Keep buying into the dream
Be a king be a queen
Be a pawn
But whatever you do just be
The stresses n depresses amount when we doubt & seek understanding comprehension logik
There is no logic to this
Letting go of needing to know is the bliss
Cos now you're in this moment right here
And in this moment here the smile stretch from ear to ear
All you can see is bliss
Even through all this negative frikkin shizz
1:Stars can't shine without darkness
2:When you get a negative, go into the lab & develop it
All eye see is a wealth of opportunity
To transform n alchemize all that lies before me
A magician
Literally a spiritual physician
Shining bright especially in the night cos actually that is the mission
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 3
About this poem:
Everything with its purpose n reason
Give thanks that your are breathing
And able to be reading
These words
Thank you

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Dawn2Duskonline today!
This is my favourite heart beating
Your truth sets you free my dear
Embrace it and just keep goingheart beating
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