Spitfire Love Horses Whippersnappers

Dear ROS

Yes horses can be wonderful w personality

Nickers snickers nays
I once observed a love dance between a stallion and mares of the black Morgan breed: the thrill of the chase
That yielded respect and romance!
Intriguing mysterious mystique
She played fierce and hard to get!
They played ran intense running leaping over boulders: intriguing it may be in one of my poems here good chance it is sweet endearing it is engraved in my memory bank
Horse majestic animal
Pictures from Germany
A female horse owners hair and the horses mane blowing together in the wind in a portrait Elegance of the purest kind!
I have a superb story about Belgian stallion and two mares 2 fillies too
But the funniest roar of a laugh I ever squealed in Delight in the movie Silverado Kelvin Kline
An adorable part that has been cut out
Ugh: a bad guy steals a horse of a good guy with his stuff, a good guy saves him in the dessert, he returns to town his horse is there tied to a post the horse is nickering to him he tells the horse how much he missed his best friend and happy to see him again hugs the horses face the horse lays a big mammoth gentle big lips pucker kiss on him I never roared laughing so much it is a shame they cut out that part it can only be viewed in the original movie good luck on viewing the original
Another time my uncles quarter horse played a fast one on me: I rode Danny out into the woods on a lovely summer day bare back my thighs held on tight at a light gallop he felt my thighs of how my weight was on his back he shifted me to the right then left to buck me off ugh I hit the ground ugh my fanny hurt I limped for hours to walk back to my uncles pasture my uncle Jim walked up to me and said, OMG
I am so sorry I feared u were dead somewhere out there I couldn't find you
Where were u I rode down to the lake
He said Danny is afraid of snakes that is what spooked him tell me next time where u r going to ride to so if u disappear I can find u we were both happy to see each other with a sigh of relief he was My Beloved devoted humorous Uncle Jim!!!
He was quite a whippersnapper
The women in my family can be one hell of a spitfire with spunk & umph character and burning fire of the best kind of Desire & passion his daughter & my sister twins of the spitfire breed!
Memorable pleasing horse memories
Those twins could clock their mile runs in a mile square *radius between
2-3 minutes on a stop watch
Thrilling intriguing they were skilled horsewomen lucky to not break their necks bare back running like the wind like the house was on fire
or an emergency
first responder
Life or death race
Not but just
The love of riding horses challenging their speed on a stop watch
Jim would say take it easy don't break your neck your mother will never forgive me I don't want to go to your funeral please slow down
Excitement in a dinky one horse town
on Lake Michigan
one store with gas
a butcher meat and grocery
You could view that whole town in under 5 minutes generations of joy on the Sandy Bluff
of Lake Michigan!
A real taste of home:
Hundred year old pictures
of the old homestead
a treasure to find
50 plus years after the fact amazing!
When I blew up 8 x 10's
& 11x17 collages of like
35 hundred year old pictures and shared them with
Sis. Aunt Georgie Jims widowed wife it was like I had found
a massive family heirloom
And boy it was divine
2 1/4" negatives from a box camera
The original homestead
out buildings farm
the new plantation pillared house on the hill and the new plot of land staked out with rope & spikes
The last lovely home my grandfather lived in for generations where
dad was welcomed home
w his new bride from
Pearl Harbor Hawaii WWII
Great superb find!
dad the credit for initiating it when he said print them I don't remember what they are but they must be special!
I the photographer
willing able to make it glorious again!
heart wings
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2020
About this poem:
***Family Heirloom pictures found
65 year old pictures only seen by dad: his Pearl Harbor pictures Grand he was 17 w same family of quarter horses.
Bare back riding horses
**Best 2 Love of horses at bottom
Draft: later 4 polish 2-4:30 am awake
Need Sleep rest Zzzz ...
Angel poet story tellers work never done
Whatchmacallit thingamajig
Thingamabob dodads
Spitfire Lover of Horses Whippersnappers

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A really nice read,,tells much of you.Ty for sharing
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