Lovers learn watching the Dance!

An Intense love dance:
I once observed a love dance between a stallion and a mare of the black Morgan breed:
the thrill of the chase
That yielded respect,
harmony & romance!
Intriguing mysterious mystique ...
She played fierce
and hard to get!

*She was playing the
solo act
#1 Performance
*Top "Class" act of her life
changing event!
"The Dance!"

Right in front of
my two eyes
What a trip!

She got his undivided attention!
He was alert on target
On point
He didn't miss nothin'
Very alert to her every
Flinch or move!

That evolved to a duet of
I dare u, dbl dare u,
triple dare u

U want it?
Come & get it
But honey!
U will
have to "work" for it!

"Catch me if u can!
I just Might
Ready Willing & Able?
For the
Mating game dance!"
He was Hot on her trail

She wasn't giving in
Or giving it up!

He was going to have to work for it!

She ran downhill into the meadow,
Jumped leaped over boulders,
Stumps, fences into the neighbors pasture,
back to hers,
back up the hill,

After quite some time
She ran up
to the top of the farm

Collapsed in fatigue

Gracefully poised laid down like the confidant lady she was
under the duet shade trees with a refreshing soothing cool summer breeze,
Panting, legs feet tucked under,
Nostrils gently,
flaring for oxygen,
Both loving, he the stallion gently walked near her patiently waiting for her to regroup, catch her breath,

It was like he wasn't tired,
A stallion has more stamina than a more tender mare
He has a more muscular head chest body mass structure
He was ready for more
But very patient
Giving her space
Like hey honey I'm just grabbing a bite of grass I'm thirsty just right here by your side I'll be patiently
Waiting for you

when she caught her breath
he gave her love
gentle *nibbles, pecks, licks,
tender love kisses, stroking her neck & mane, sniffing her scent enjoying the pleasure of the ritual mating dance,
to the rays of the sun, beat of the wind & running hooves of a duet of 8 legs in Sync.
Humans can learn much of the mating dance by viewing this

"Live Play!"

Respect being attentive consistent patient romance friendship commeraderie

There was no back up
tie up with a rope
but pure romance
elegance grace respect!

There was no forcing their romance
But in their own timing
Their own way
Their own course
Their hurdles
horse race
Of their desired courtship
In their own mating dance
Of choice
No Interferance ...
Their choices their own

She had won
the heart of her mate!

Tender fierce sublime
natural as a family of two forming to become a family of three
dedicated faithful members! True endearing love!
Horses can Mates for life!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2020
About this poem:
***updated: Mating Dance Pure Elegance
Wind on her face mane tail
Picture perfect poise elegance!
Following his mate with pure joy Bliss!
Whatever she wished to just be in her presence her patient friend!
"The Mare & The Stallion Mating Dance!"

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Comments (12)

A minister says
No excuses, no yeah buts, no what ifs,
Just do it attitude,
In minutes I get right to it and complete the assignment
Pick your theme topic
True or dreams
Add polish
Stir blend
Add beat
Participants spectators
Shade tree cowboy hats at the rodeo
Enjoy the ride
I am a 62 year old rookie
Don't let anyone ruffle your feathers
Lean on the divine
To guide guard govern

Rachael_0622 cheering: cheering teddybear heart wings
Mmmm ...
Love it
Only from the Divine
Romance inspired by Love ...
Rachael_0622cheering teddybear
heart wings heart wings heart wings
This is beautiful Rachael
Thank you very much
Glad you enjoyed it!
If it brought smiles to Your Face!
& some humans faces
that have pure motives
Surely worth the labor of Love!
Every second of it!
To glow & shine
In Gods mercy & grace!
To inspire motivate lift up
Mmmm ...
My only Goal here
Teach me to Love ...
Lovingly Rachael_0622teddybear
heart wings cheering heart wings

I am absolutely sure God made
Great Good men
Great Good women
I absolutely do!

cheering teddybear cheering heart wings heart wings heart wings
I think you can also write essays, stories or novels because you got talent with words.teddybear teddybear
Joy crest you became my inspiration of joy for the following
Is what bloomed blossomed
Amazing how far
A little act of kindness
Can spread
Vs. war
Harmony or Discord
Choose you this day
Who you will serve!

My Poem # 100
just blossomed into song:
My most precious memory
On Earth
My Beloved Gentleman Father
Shared with me his thoughts after returning from
WWII Pearl Harbor Hawaii
Cherish your Loved Ones ...
Life Love of our Country
& Family, Mother, Father,
Loved ones
Is very fragile
Don't take her for granted
Life as we know it
Can shatter & change in an instant
From one evil thought
Hate disdain from the
Emperor of Japan
to the Japanese Fleet
bombing Pearl
endless Japanese planes
Doing serious damage
to ALL of Pearl Harbor!
That can grow dominant manipulate
The next second like a Bully
From Trouble from Japan
To the United States of America to Germany Hitler France Australia
England & many more countries
An endless World War II
A child who was Bullied
Full of hate
Caused the whole planet earth
To almost disintegrate
To suffer for his hurt
Almost blowing it all up
Spreading like a pestilence
Stinging like a bee
The U. S. Got mad
Blew up many places on earth to declare war
Had to be mortgaged
For 4 generations
Due to the laws of the
Geneva Convention!
You Bomb you have to pay to rebuild!
Brought in the troups of the military
To end the concentration camps
And devastation & wars
Not because the U. S. Wanted to
But had to intervene!
We were the only biggest country
Big enough to do the job
With the vast assistance of
World Allies
To put out a massive war
To restore peace
To normalcy!
Because we could no longer ignore Hitler he was spreading his disdain
North south east west
Begging for any kind of attention
Even if it be negative
Begging to bask in his so called glory!
Ugh ugh ugh!
With out our permission!
I can be an Angel of the human kind
Thank you for your compliments
I'm daily working on it!
Please give your self a pat on the back for your daily acts of kindness.
You can be my angel for the day!
For when she died
Even the Angels cried!
Kneeled at her grave
To give her some shade
And bowed their hands
And head to pray
I think that is an expensive
Mammoth famous tomb stone
Of a full size angel statue
Kneeling at their loved ones grave
One knee down
Head over their arms
Bowing to pray
Where little birds perch
And join her in prayer
God Bless you
For being an instrument of peace!
I love the song from the band
Alabama: I believe their are angels among us:
the Lyrics only from the divine
It brings tears to my eyes every time
I believe Angels are Gods thoughts passing to man (mbe)
to guide guard & govern us!
I am a very patriotic Female Veteran
That served in Texas & Germany
Whew what a trip ! ...
One that I'd like to forget ...
But we must not let history
Repeat Itself
the Holocaust did happen
Horrendous heiress crimes
Damaged lives & families
By the millions impossible
For a real Number tally of deaths
On numerous countries continents
Because yes it really did happen
One bully then followers then more
Then global!
We are lucky that by the Grace of God
WWII didn't blow up the planet earth
Toss it off if it's axis
And shoot us out of the safety
Of its orbit
And burn up from the sun!
Thank God Almighty
Free at Last Free at Last! (MLK)
Thank God Almighty I'm Free at Last!
Amen ...
Rachael_0622 cheering teddybear
cheering heart wings heart wings
the words are just the well said. well done my darling.thumbs up
Wonderful verse
Respected Loving
Rachael_0622 dancing
You write the poem with
Full attention and dedication. thumbs up

(She had won
the heart of her mate!) cheering
Love the poem hug
bouquet teddybear heart wings
Thanks for Sharing. peace
That's sweet
A touching-beautiful piece of writing art.I very much enjoyed the read,ty for sharing it.
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