Love callsHelp! Peace! No more WAR!

Joy crest you became my inspiration of joy for the following
Is what bloomed blossomed
Amazing how far
A little act of kindness
Can spread
Vs. war
Harmony or Discord
Choose you this day
Who you will serve!

My Poem # 100
just blossomed into song:
My most precious memory
On Earth
My Beloved Gentleman Father
Shared with me his thoughts after returning from
WWII Pearl Harbor Hawaii
Cherish your Loved Ones ...
Life Love of our Country
& Family, Mother, Father,
Loved ones
Is very fragile
Don't take her for granted
Life as we know it
Can shatter & change in an instant
From one evil thought
Hate disdain *revenge
from the
Emperor of Japan
to the Japanese Fleet
bombing Pearl
endless Japanese planes
Doing serious damage
to ALL of Pearl Harbor!
That can grow dominant manipulate
The next second like a Bully
From Trouble from Japan
To the United States of America to Germany Hitler France Australia
England & many more countries
An endless World War II
A child who was Bullied
Full of hate
Caused the whole planet earth
To almost disintegrate
To suffer for his hurt
Almost blowing it all up
Spreading like a pestilence
Stinging like a bee
The U. S. Got mad
Blew up many places on earth to declare war
Had to be mortgaged
For 4 generations
Due to the laws of the
Geneva Convention!
You Bomb you have to pay to rebuild!
Brought in the troups of the military
To end the concentration camps
And devastation & wars
Not because the U. S. Wanted to
But had to intervene!
We were the only biggest country
Big enough to do the job
With the vast assistance of
World Allies
To put out a massive war
To restore peace
To normalcy!
Because we could no longer ignore Hitler he was spreading his disdain
North south east west
Begging for any kind of attention
Even if it be negative
Begging to bask in his so called glory!
Ugh ugh ugh!
With out our permission!
I can be an Angel of the human kind
Thank you for your compliments
I'm daily working on it!
Please give your self a pat on the back for your daily acts of kindness.
You can be my angel for the day!
For when she died
Even the Angels cried!
Kneeled at her grave
To give her some shade
And bowed their hands
And head to pray
I think that is an expensive
Mammoth famous tomb stone
Of a full size angel statue
Kneeling at their loved ones grave
One knee down
Head over their arms
Bowing to pray
Where little birds perch
And join her in prayer
God Bless you
For being an instrument of peace!
I love the song from the band
Alabama: I believe their are angels among us:
the Lyrics only from the divine
It brings tears to my eyes every time
I believe Angels are Gods thoughts passing to man (mbe)
to guide guard & govern us!
I am a very patriotic Female Veteran
That served in Texas & Germany
Whew what a trip ! ...
Some that I'd like to forget ...
Many I will cherish forever ...
But we must not let history
Repeat Itself
the Holocaust did happen
Horrendous *heinous crimes
Damaged lives & families
By the millions impossible
For a real Number tally of deaths
On numerous countries continents
Because yes it really did happen
One bully then followers that grow with prejudice & hate
then more
Then global!
We are lucky that by the Grace of God
WWII didn't blow up the planet earth
Toss it off if it's axis
And shoot us out of the safety
Of its orbit
And burn up from the sun!
Thank God Almighty
Free at Last Free at Last! (MLK)
Thank God Almighty I'm Free at Last!
Amen ...
Rachael_0622 cheering teddybear
cheering heart wings heart wings
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2020
About this poem:
Military Family Sacrfices: Living in Germany
Was an education
A rude awakening to what really happened
My landlord said,
"He wasn't invited In
We are ashamed of Him
He's a Disgrace
None of the German people
None of us voted him to become
The President of Germany
He was a bully manipulator
Self Appointed!
Not elected or voted into power!
He just came in & took over
Our World!
Quack mad Scientist Doctor
Hater of Men
For no one loved him
So he hated the world!"
A bizarre education from
A young landlord of
22 years old!
Maria was her name
Now she would be 60 years old
Smart as a whip
Fluent in 8 years of English
German people polite professional
Master Craftsmen & women
In the Art of Communication & Grace!
And I Love it like that!
Former name : Love of World Peace not War

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Love of World Peace not War

John Lennon sang
All we are saying
is give peace a chance
Love is all there is
love is all there is
When u r done it won't be about stuff
It will be about love and how did U treat mankind?
Bully manipulator
Peace maker
Were you fair?
Did u mind your own business
Or butte in to your neighbors business
Or did you form
A group of prejudice & gang up on someone that was just Different than your own way of life!peace hug
Patriotic Military Families
Sacrificed all over earth
Heard the cry begging for
Help relief peace
War No More! ...
Had to buckle up from their bootstraps
Answer earths call
Put out fires
Eliminate Bully's
Bomb evil
Die or come home without limbs
Be away from home
Leave family behind to
restore Earth to Peaceful
Normalcy Vs. strife!
Not because
they wanted to
Because they had to
Too much evil was present
Relief Fairness Justice
To Answer the screaming
Cries of Mercy
Begging for life itself
Before they ceased no more!
Rachael_0622cheering heart wings
A heartfelt testament of poetry ,I enjoyed the read.
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