The demon inside me
By night it glides me
By war he sides me
From love he hides me-

The woman beside me
The woman who fights me
The woman who likes me
Sometimes even loves-

The angel above me
The only one that loves me
The angel that needs me
But never feeds me-

And the mortals call this love-

The winds are against me
My sins won't forget me
Love is a strange thing
Like pigs on the wing-

The earth swallows me
Then the earth recalls me
My blue sky is dying
Why are you crying?-

And the immortals call this love
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2020
About this poem:
I wrote this song 9-3-1997 with the help of my guitar. What does this song mean....hmm? It was like looking in the past (rebellious), present (marriage), and seeing the future long before it happens?

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This is very good and thought provoking! wine Pleased to meet you, I'm ReaderOfSouls- Cowboy Poet. handshake
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