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by AI_1984Pueblo del Mar, Murcia, SpainMay 303 comments

The Love Of My Life

It was Love at First Sight.

He´s tall, dark and handsome.
He has long black hair floating in the wind,
Big shiny brown eyes that penetrate deep into my soul,
And he is wild... oh, so wild, and I love him to bits.

When he leans his head on my shoulder and I feel his breathing on my neck, it sends shivers all the way down my spine.
His presence just shakes me to my very core.

He was born a “free spirit”, but his spirit was broken by philistines.

When we met it was love at first sight,
We heard each other’s call.

He is still carrying bravely all the wounds from the past,
physical, emotional and spiritual.

He sought me for love and comfort and, in return,
he is filling me with what my heart & soul were seeking.

The blinkers he had been wearing for so long were removed
so that he could, at long last, see the world
from another perspective.

And, with love, patience, and perseverance, he has become tame and approachable and also my best friend.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 30
About this poem:
This is all about a horse called Swan, a white 27-year-old gelding, that I´ve been sponsoring in a horse rescue centre where I used to volunteer my services.
His riding days are unfortunately over, and he is now relying on kind-hearted people to help pay for his keep and care for him, and give him the love that he needs for the remaining years of his life.

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Comments (3)

Daniela, such a sensitive portrait of affection for this wonderful horse. I feel deep love with your beautifully expressed lines. Hope it didn't hurt much when he passed over to the other world..bouquet teddybear hug
My dear correction... Hope it will not hurt much if he will pass away to the other world...kiss
AI_1984online today!
Hello dear Joy,

The horse I described is in fact the one from one of my pics on my profile. He is white!

I don´t really know how long he will live? It all depends on the food he´s getting?
He needs his daily vitamins and I am not there to give them to him. crying

Apart from that, he has a good life there, where he is, and is at least running free in the herd, and even in charge of them.

Btw, I have cut all the etheric cords with the horses, and the centre. I have no regrets, and no more attachments. wink Only happy thoughts.
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