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Leibherr580online today!
by Leibherr580plymouth, Devon, England, UKMay 300 comments

no picture

No picture no message Picture or no pic
what's that all about were all just the same
Your on here for dating It's a funny old business
not messing around THE DATING GAME
Just how do you know
from a pic he's the one
He could be married
and just looking for fun
He may want to fleece you
and put through hell
Pray tell me ladies
just how can you tell
He maybe a monster
that puts you through pain
All from a picture
you fell for in vain
I would like to meet you
you might be the one
Some men are silent
quite and shy
So the next time your looking
give a no pic a try
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 30
About this poem:
I am a member of several dating sites . and it really gets to me when you get a profile that says no picture no message . it's not so much on here this is were I can unload my thoughts in a poem . and get a message out there . that all no pics are not bad . I was chatting to a woman on another dating site . she asked why no pic and I replied I prefer to get to know for a while and then arrange to meet in a public place face to face then we both see the real thing . I did mention to this woman. that I read a profile were a woman met a man by just a picture. and it turned out the bloke had used his sons picture because he knew she would not turn up for the date if she knew . what he really looked like . there's good and bad in both. pic or no pic . but no pic seems to get a right hammering . the long and short of it is . SHE REPLIED I'D PREFER TO SEE A PIC DOH . call me old fashioned but I prefer to but myself out and meet face to face . if it go's well you have had a result . if it go's bad well you know were you stand

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