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by JoyCrestGeneva, SwitzerlandJun 13 comments


Darwinian theory is not life's conclusion
It's a massive daunting delusion!
Scientists and scholars can't prove evolution,
No laboratories or any institution
Can do an experiment or attestation
On life's origin as evolution
Fish to human, what speculation!
Monkeys remain monkeys no mutation
Just embrace and admire God's creations.

Great life on earth, a wonder or mystery
The amazing nature, the vast blue sea
Splendid varied species to discover and see
Enjoy a starry night or the sunset's beauty
A restless mind searching truth to be free,
We'd know the best creation: you and me!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 1
About this poem:
Nature with its beauty and splendor is the obvious and glaring sign, the proof and signature of a Creator.

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Hi Joy!
I agree with your direct insight on creation. There are always people who believe in evolution because this was taught in school. But nature is the best proof. Good perspective. ??
AI_1984online today!
Bonjour Joy wave

I agree entirely with your theory!
How we came here in the first place is a lot more complex than one can imagine.

But...that's another story...

Nice. thumbs up
Very true handshake

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