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by DarlingbabyloveMontego Bay8, Saint James, JamaicaJun 40 comments


Distance, what time bound hindrance.
I am not able to ride above the distance. I have to surrender to this distance. This distance is making me cry out; Distance you are not kind, not understanding, not sympathetic, you just remain static.
Can't you see I need you to be more flexible. Let me be able to reach my destiny in quicker time and space. My love is longing ho see me, to be with me, but distance you are not making this happen. You are in between us; step aside, we need to feel, to touch, to lock-in between. Oh distance make us come together, release us, allow us to enjoy the beauty of our union. Our togetherness depends on you removing yourself distance.
Oh distance release us.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 4
About this poem:
This poem was written especially for all those lovers and individuals missing their loved ones and affected by Distance.
For those in long distance relationships.
Everyone please enjoy.

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