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Book of Life .....,,,,,

It isn’t much to look at
Kind of weathered almost worn
The title is so simple
Imagination just born
But open if you dare
And peruse what lay inside
There is a story to be told
That will open eyes wide
A life jumps out at you
Right off the very page
Words to describe
Words to paint
Words to soothe
Words to taint
What kind of life would it be
Without words that are penned
Describing ones life
Right to the very end ..........
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 8
About this poem:
People sometimes overlook the person because of what they see on the outside ........

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Comments (14)

salamunaonline today!
So true Nu. One more beautiful write. You have always right "Words to describe
Words to paint.....Thank you. Take care. Lilywave
Thanks lily ......Much appreciated........Regards Nugrin
godsprincessonline now!
Hi Nu - we never know what a person has been thru unless we have walked in their shoes. Sometimes the most humble have had an amazing and fruitful life. Good write. Thanks for sharing.

Kathy wave
So true Kathy........... everybody has a story to tell ........ Thanks for your thoughts ..... regards Nu grin
trurorobonline today!
Very poignant write NU, I enjoyed, but stop nicking my titles!!, just joking
Hi Rob ........ Sorry mate I hadn’t realised .....: as always thanks for the comments ....... regards Nu grin
Your words are so true Nu.
How often in our lives do we encounter the person ~ who on the outside appears to be so ugly and hideous ~ only to discover that that unsightly exterior ~ houses the kindest most beautiful soul in the world.

And in reverse ~ how often that outwardly beautiful or handsome individual ~ in actuality ~ leans more toward Satan.

A very beautiful write.
Thank you for sharing.

Mady teddybear bouquet
Thanks Mady ........ so very true ....... Regards Nu grin
you painted a very clear picture...great write NU....Kathy from NZwave
Abby1963online today!
Never judge a person you never know where they’ve been or what life’s taken or given to them . Great write hug
Thanks Kathy ....... much appreciated ..... regards Nu grin
Hi Abbey sentiments exactly ....... Thanks for your thoughts ...... Regards Nu grin
I read a lot along between your lines. How can I express what I see in just a few lines? Your poem had me weighing Words vs Actions. There are things that words alone fail to convey that action alone can...e.g Love. peace conversing cheers

I miss your poetry a lot but somehow coming here makes me uncomfortable to a certain degree. I think it’s more because I tend to deconstruct what I read in order to understand it. I guess it's due to the fact that I'm not a poet nor learnt to be one and do not see what most of you here see or refuse to see painted in words.

If there is one thing I feel very blessed with and grateful for, it would be the fact that I chose to stick to reading your 'Book of Life' right to the very end. teddybear

Everyone's journey is a beautiful story to be told, often judged by their covers. It is not as simple as admiring the different facades each of us wear outside. And though "you always have the right"...Words to describe, Words to paint; I agree that one really has to read your to the very end.

Words carried out or acted upon have more depth, value and truth in them. To "peruse what lay inside" in my eyes is to deconstruct what is in there; to know, to understand its most minute details. It’s easy to write/utter Words whose real meaning only us know because our own ways of thinking is limited by the sum total of our personal, cultural, social etc life experiences. What one sees and appreciates will always be different from that of another; it's why some continue reading past beyond the weathered pages while others are just too giddy, too obsessed, and believe their interpretation of one's Book of Life is the only interpretation there is. Often they judge by simply flipping pages or deducing/concluding after just seeing the first few pages only to throw the book away after a while!

I totally agree with you that Words have power. Words can describe, paint, sooth, taint and let me add, nick one's heart for Life. Yet words are also just words until they are acted upon. How we behave, how we act and react I believe is what gives meaning and power to written or spoken words. It's only then that Words can heal or hurt!

Thank you for asking "What kind of life would it be Without words that are penned?" I'd like to think that it could be an exciting life, a life well lived, a peaceful life, a life willing to take risks, a life of no pretense, a life that gives back, a life filled with love, affection and maybe even full of adventure! So many possibilities. That life could be anyone’s; maybe it's yours! hug cheers
Mizzy4online today!
Very nicely expressed Nu.
I fear we all have pages in our life's
book that we're afraid to open.
Certainly food for thought.
Regards Mick.

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