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Sugarcane sows.......

Small in stature big in mind
This Maori friend seems so kind
His history runs deep and true
His bloodlines strong as he knew
A hunter of both land and sea
His passion was the pigs that be
Sugarcane sows were his choice
As he called his dogs with a different voice
He said they taste sweeter than most
A diet of crab and cane from along the coast
Their skins shine and his eyes light up
As he finishes them off after the fight
But this was never done in vain
Always used for the gain
To feed his family and his friends
Help the farmers with their ends
He travels far he travels wide
He hunts at night he hunts with pride
Small in stature big in mind
This Maori friend seems so kind........
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 11
About this poem:
Pig hunting is very popular up here in the north but this is the only fella I know who makes the most of his hunts .......For Steve

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Comments (4)

salamunaonline today!
Hi Nu,
despite the fact that I hate any kind of hunting, I must admit that your write is amazing.Lily wave
Nuwahri61online today!
Hi Lily ....... I have no inclination either but am inspired by this guys desire to hunt for the right reasons ...........appreciate your thoughts ..... regards Nu grin
godsprincessonline today!
Hunting to feed your family and friends is a necessity whereas hunting just for the sport of it I despise - especially big game hunters for ivory tusks, lions, tigers, etc. etc. What a kind man to hunt to feed others as well as his own family. Thanks Nu for sharing different aspects of life in Australia!

Kathy groundhog
Nuwahri61online today!
Hi Kathy....... I feel the same .......unfortunately these are feral pigs that breed like wildfire and destroy native animals ,plants and not to mention ruin farm crops ....... the farmers actively engage in seeking people with dogs to eradicate them from their properties . Thanks for your thoughts regards Nu grin
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