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AI_1984online today!
by AI_1984Pueblo del Mar, Murcia, SpainJun 1718 comments


Don´t tell me you love me, as I doubt what you´re saying.
Don´t tell me you need me when you´re alone and crying.
Don´t tell me you miss me when all the others are gone
´cause I´m sick and tired of hearing your swan song.

I don´t wanna hear all your hard-luck stories.
I don’t wanna know about your regrets and failed glories.
I don´t wanna see you wasting your talents.
´cause all these are only repellents.

All I want to hear is that you´ve put the past behind.
All I want to know is that you aren´t being unkind.
All I want to see is the inner beauty that no one sees in you.
´cause I still love you even if you don´t believe it´s true.

Oh yeah, Baby, I want to hear you, I want to know you, I want to see you,
And I want to love you.
Oh yeah.. O yeah... la la la...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 17
About this poem:
It just came to me as I was trying some tunes on the piano. A melody came.... then the words followed.

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Comments (18)

Dear Lady Daniela,

Love is paradoxical, we can hurt the one we love. As human beings falling in love is not unconditional... we're attracted to people with some special characteristics, but sometimes we want change to fashion them to our liking.

What's strange, the brain doesn't always agree with the heart. One can know a person's weaknesses but still there's love. Like now, my brain tells me I should not love one guy, but still I love him. What a contradiction! This piece would be a nice song with the true to life lyrics. I'd like to listen to your musical compositions one day. Bisous.
teddybear hug
AI_1984online today!
Hello dear Joy wave

There are all kinds of love.
As you say..we can love someone in spite of all their weaknesses and I cannot really change that.

All we can do is to accept them as they are and see their inner beauty....
And shine our own light..

Wishing you a nice day! hug teddybear
Hi AI,

I can see you now on SGT (Spain's Got Talent) with your piano and backing band...

"Ladies and Gentlemen, here we now present... <<<AI And The Yeah Yeah But Don'ts>>>" laugh

We all have contradictions don't we? It's human nature. Some people are more tolerable than others that's all! bouquet
Abby1963online today!
Great poem I really enjoyed reading it handshake
AI_1984online today!
Hello miss Tlight wave

Hahaha...talent in spain? Moi? It never entered my mind. smile is full of contradictions...but, this is because we live in a duality reality.
Which makes life exciting! laugh

Daniela bouquet
AI_1984online today!
Thanks Abby. I appreciate.teddybear

I didn't see it as great really. I wrote it in a few minutes of inspiration.
Music does inspire me.

A very interesting point of view and often true. Both male and female are full of contradictions
in seeking friendship and love. Many are rather stuck in the past and usually are still seeking those
past moments. However, it blocks the present and sabotages the future. We may have eyes but still cannot see what is right in front of us. As some are constantly off looking at past regrets and prefer to complain about them than letting them go.
What is also sad and true are the unrealistic expectations we place on people. If one cannot accept another for who or what they are how can they expect others accept them for the way they are.
If you can't approve of yourself nobody else will either.

A good start for your song AI
AI_1984online today!
Thanks for your views Prom.

At the end of the day, we need to see the good in people and forgive and forget the past.

We cannot hold on to anger, resentment, regrets etc. FORGIVENESS is the key to healing and going forward..

And LOVE is the only way! heart wings
Hi, AI_1984,
All I want to see is the inner beauty that no one sees in you.
Though one shouldn't have to look so hard to see goodness in another, sometimes love doesn't know any better. There is such a sadness and longing conveyed by this poem. Thanks for sharing.
AI_1984online today!
Thanks for your view Gnj wave

Inner beauty is in all of us but, most don't see it or..don't want to see it?

No, no sadness when writing this poem.
I actually wrote it while playing some joyful melody on the piano.
It was more intended with some irony. wink smile
Happygolucky4uonline today!
Nicely written a good flow of words wine
AI_1984online today!
Thanks Happy lady. wave

To tell you the truth, I have no idea how to write poems and what type they are.. lol
lovecanberealonline today!
D, you might have a hit song on your hands......hug
AI_1984online today!
I wish Love..I wish? smile

I wonder who would be the right singer for that?dunno
AI_1984online today!
Actually, I see it as a folk song played with a guitar?confused
lovecanberealonline today!
Maybe it would sound good in Spanish (key of C major)? Having said that, I wouldn't be able to understand, too much of it, lol, although I'm sure that it would sound
AI_1984online today!
In Spanish? wow

Then it would have to be a flamenco type song?

Or..French might be good too? Type..chansons ?
AI_1984online today!
I still think a folk song/ballad would be nice? the key of C
The type Bob Dylan used to write for Joan Baez.
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