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Father's Day 2020

To All Those Worth The Title . . .
He may not for nine months
have carried us ,
but it can't be denied he makes half of us ...
Though it was not from him
the mother's milk we may have suckled,
he has worked hard to provide the substitute,
should mommy's supply has buckled ...
He may not have been the constant cook
of whose nourishing meals we partook ...
But he sweated for his share to buy the food
so his children may not starve
but able to eat good ...
He may not have been the one
to be by your side nursing you back to health ...
But he has always tried his best
to get you the best medical help
because his children to him
are proudly his lasting legacy and wealth ...
And he may have been mostly too busy working
to sit by you and help you with your schooling ...
But he certainly worked those countless hours
to make sure you had a good school and education ,
so its students, therefore, it empowers ...

So even though with both mothers and fathers
there are those better off
who shouldn't have been one or the other ...
Then there are those
who bore the burden of being both
just so their children can thrive & develop
in their precious period of growth ...
To those men who stood up to the plate
took the father's role gallantly
before too late ....
Nobody's perfect nor all
can fill the glass to overflowing
nor at least to the rim to everyone's knowing ....
But let's give honor this FATHER'S day
where it is due ...
to those fathers who tried their best
to see it through ...
And with every chance there is,
make them know they're loved
while still living amongst us
before they're called by God up above ...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 21

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godsprincessonline today!
Wonderful tribute to all Fathers. I was not one of the lucky ones but I had a great Mom.

Kathy sad flower
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