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At first not caring that some statues and memorials were being removed.
As well as the naming of schools, highways, buildings, etc.
I thought that I understood.
But it seems as though there is no end to it.
Eventually, there will be no naming of anything nor statues nor memorials of
As time has passed and continues to pass how people construe what is good,
bad, or indifferent has and will continue to change.
There is a skeleton in the closet for everyone.
For example, as much as we love and respect John F Kennedy and Martin Luther King, they were both purported to be notorious womanizers.
Some might think this to be a moot point but THIS is the POINT.
Which sin or indiscretion will be viewed as allowable or not and by whom?
History was what it was.
One can't alter that.
What we can do is teach the truth of our past, present, and future.
Enlighten our young.
Show them that love and charity are the brightest paths to follow for shared happiness and the preservation of our freedoms and liberty...
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Posted: Jun 22

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godsprincessonline today!
Yes - quite upsetting. As an individual YOU determine whether to admire and worship these statutes or use them as a reminder of what went wrong in history and what went right and to learn from these lessons. It's scary to think that all reminders of the Holocaust could be removed as there are people already who are saying it never happened. Brain washing and white washing people's minds is a dangerous thing.

Kathy sad flower
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