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EyeLook4Uonline today!
by EyeLook4Ujenkins, Kentucky, USAJun 293 comments

That Old Home Time Feeling Is Gone

I find myself sitting all alone
And that old home time feeling is gone
There's an echo of yesterday with no way to reply
And time is quickly passing by

Time passed by quickly and stolen precious things
It seems all my friends flew away on invisible wings
And I'm tired of remembering
Cause that old home time feeling is gone

I try to sing but I can't keep the beat
It's a lonesome sound as I tap my feet
The view of my neighborhood is empty and bare
There's one hillside then another the two places where I stare

There's a place you are traveling to and you're almost there
And when you arrive you won't greet an empty chair
But when you get older you'll travel in the twilight zone
And you will find that old home time feeling is gone
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 29

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Comments (3)

MissIrelandonline today!
I really enjoyed reading your poem
It had a great rythem and beat to it
The beating of a great heart behind it.
Thankyou for sharing it with us.Thankyou
Straycat76online today!
Nice work, EyeLook4U! VERY MOVING AND TRULY MELANCHOLY...and i can relate. Thanks for sharing good poetry with the rest of us, and God Bless you, Man...:-)
southmiami4321online today!
Loneliness is very hard to bear as years catch up with us. Your beautiful heartfelt poem is so true. Poems dig deep into our hearts to inspire our inner feelings, yet sharing them can relate to others that you are not really alone. Nice rhythm and sure can create a song beat. SM teddybear
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