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Rough Hands

You're hands are rough
Like a mountain Pitt
They surcomb to evolution
Must we not forget
The troubled times
Theve being around a lot
Mulucking through the dirt
On the old farm.plain

Tillaging through the dirt
They are all.hard and wrinkled due to passing time
But your hands tells a story
Of glorious times
Gone by
Your hand take up your pipe
With a little shake
No more will they work
On the little tillage farm your dog
For all the work done
And take up your pipe
To puff and blow
No more will you worry
About the past times gone.

The End
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 29
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I knew some men like this, strong and weather beaten, who worked on their farms. One I worked for had great strength, he was a good man, sadly died in his forties, a chain smoker.
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Farmers are hard-working people, no matter what corner of the earth they are from. Giving us most of the food served on our dinner tables. Seeing their own crops grow and prosper is a delight to watch. Tough hands are the history of their lives. Thanks for sharing this detailed poem and topic.SM
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