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Love it or leave it

You can Love it
You can leave it
Always a choice you make
Brother breathe it
Ma sister breathe it receive it
This joy that always was yours
Only choices you keep choosing those fikkin closed doors
Run around stressing n ya roar
And that's the whole point ya see
Life keep on giving challenges
Test the stress I'll manage this
Balance it
Imbalance it
Shake the roof
Muvva fuppin overproof
We are
Oh yea we are
Feeeeeeel this fikkin shiiiiiiiiizzz
Live n direct baby
Thank you n please
Every 1ne
Every aspect that reflects
Every breath that projects
This gold
This cup that unfolds
Your own fikkin soul
And oooohhhh
I sing it OOOHHHH
Lovely you are
Rhythm of life
Be baby be your best you ya can be
Mind over matter
I stop time with ma mind
Don't wear a watch
I play leap frog n hop scotch
Now I'm feelin top notch
Grabbing ma crotch
Puffin a puff
I call smooth when is rough
Mind manipulating you see
Unravel the truth n real of what bes
Embrace this air
Breathe this breeze
Trying to work out how to go about
Keeps leaving you in doubt now ya wanna shout
Ya wanna cry
Cos ego n emotion are giving a try
But I
Am the change
This Embracement of soulfilled isness
In the light
In the dark
Light that light
Share that spark
It's what we need
That positive mindeset to emancipate n free
Manifest at will
BOOM red pill
It's just the
Way it manifests
Light coming out from darkness
All that bliss n bless
As I write
This bright frikkin light
Shining beaming screaming
Pulling me in
Ok I'm in
Thought there projected
This light is perfected
In this moment of thought
Infinity n nought
To the forefront
Roll me up another blunt
To ease ma mind n calm ma vibe cos way too many cun...
I mean
The way they think
The way they stink
I am perfect in every way
Oh how I am entertained
By the vanity
Should call it profanity
But me ya see
Focus on me n my journey
Haters will hate but soon they will see
Soon yes pretty soon they will agree
That this is indeed a soul/sole journey
Where we realise we are free
Our vibration vibrates breathes n believes
Light up this world
Cos we can
And choose to
Dance to this magik
Though at times is tragic
Life can he a b*tch
Happiness n then switch
Like what da fup
Not him
Not her
Why why why?
Learn it
And oh
Thank you
Gratitude ??
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 29
About this poem:
Just be n let be

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