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by Rikco11London, Greater London, England, UKJul 114 comments

they sing I string

When they hate, don't get you or even know what you mean
But your brejrins be like Al Green
They still Love you
Like Ben E King him sing
You gotta be Street tough
Jacko say don't stop til you get enough
These times they can be rugged n rough
Me I be like Mr Big Stuff
They say, who do you think you are?
Sahida Aspara sings you are a radiant star
Not Tracy Chapman driving in a fast car
Just like Bob, easy skanking
With grace gratitude n thanking
Althea Donna Uptown Top Ranking
And I'm banking
On ma vibe
Attracting ma tribe
Fling on da tune by Glide
And Riding High
Randy Crawford sprout ma wings n maybe fly
Away 1ne day
Yet Junior n mumma used to say
Take your time young man
But temptation is a serious ting by Richie Dan
We call it destiny
We call it fate
But who can know that Most High plan?
Tupac called for change
And Cameo said she's strange
On point focused and within range
My Love is your Love Whitney my dear
Like Johnny Nash I can see clear
So clearly now
Always in this moment now
Feel the vibe feel the pressure as we journey on this road
Test n test without measure
Til we reach
Somewhere over the rainbow
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 11
About this poem:
I could of went on n on with this song but just a few artists to help me along, to share this energy, this friend of me with subtle pokes n prods of emotional influence through Lyrical intamicy
thank you

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Great stuff! wine
Thanks cheers
Dawn2Duskonline today!
You are so talented
Love your poems confused confused love
Thanks Dawnyay
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