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by Rikco11London, Greater London, England, UKJul 170 comments

I am your soul

When you know it's real
Like a done deal
Nobody can tell you how you feel
Something like an encryption
A conviction
You don't need no subscription
There where it sits
When your truth hits
On the inside like an affliction
Boring deep down lika mole in a hole
Taste touch n feeeeeeeel
The core of your being, I am your soul
Without me you do not breathe
Without me you are lifeless n yet as long as you're living I won't leave
Without the essence of my presence being present in this present
Where would you be?
What would you know?
Like a zombie
Wandering around without a glow
Ya know ya know
You see them here you see them there
A hot mess walking in darkness & no flare
Oh yes they're alive n still blessed
Yet looking so depressed
Heartless n soulless
Reigniting of that fire
Go within n then inquire
Of those things
That make the soul sing
Some may be frightening
Some may be challenging
Let them be enlightening
Choose to manage him
Manage her
Yea like a manager
Order construct
Reorder conduct
Face that being within
Embrace that being within
Which in essence holds the answers to every single thing
When you're lost n not sure which way to go or flow
That's when you trust n believe in your own soul
You may not understand or know
But your soul always knows which way to go or flow
You wanna go here
The soul pleading in your ear
When you don't pay attention you end up shedding tears
1ne more time
The soul knows
Tune in feel n flow with its flows
That is if you wanna spiritually grow
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 17

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