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by yachtsman_7Dublin, IrelandJul 216 comments


I'd rather go home
and live up a tree
than to be dry forever
and forget the 'ol sea

and I'd rather go hungry
than eat on the street
than miss every wave
and places they meet

I'd rather live in a hole
and stare at the stars
than live in the veins
of buses and cars

and I'd rather leave you
than live in the town
where the air is a stranger
and you wear the 'ol frown

I'd rather not laugh
if the cost was too much
If I never felt salt
in the places we touch

and I'd rather take truth
that a palace of lies
as time is an arrow
and flawless she flies

I'd rather hold you
than own your whole soul
and I'd rather go hungry
than live on the dole

and I'd rather grow old
that to be young in chains
as the sea has my heart
and it always remains
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 21

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trurorobonline today!
Nice RU, you are definitely going to be an old salt, I am ex Navy myself and nothing could beat the tranquility of an open ocean with nothing else around except the goffers and the sounds of the sea.
godsprincessonline today!
Never seen the ocean let alone be on it. Sounds awfully lonely to me. I love the Susquehanna River that runs through my town and the hills and edge of the mountain range where I live. There is also the Finger Lakes. I have the best of nature has to over here in upstate New York! angel heart wings

Wonderful write as usual.

Kathy teddybear
Reckon you have some stories Rob, thats a hell of a background. They (Navy) wouldn't have me. With good reason.

Cheers Rob,
Beutiful write Ru. "The sea has my heart and it always remain"....thank you.Lily wave
Many thanks Kathy and Lily
southmiami4321online today!
Beautiful. When you are raised near the water, it is part of you. Could be the ocean, the river, the lake does not matter. Enjoyed this write. SM.
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