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Elham25online today!
by Elham25Mombasa, KenyaJul 230 comments


A feeling so strong it can’t be wrong
A love so true that in my heart you belong
A need so deep like it’s been there for too long
A day so long whenever you are gone
A passion so hot I feel it to the bone
A desire so deep I believe it’s from my core
And a want so specific even your twin would be wrong

Declarations made under the moonlight
Dinner dates by candle light
Demands met with no threads in sight
Decisions to stick together even when we fight
Doubts to be dealt with with no oversight
Defending our love like we believe it’s our right
Depending on you to be my daily delight

Desire me each day and make me your favorite meal
Devour me with your eyes and remind me of how you feel
Determine my mood by loving me with so much zeal
Diffuse any tension when a kiss you try to steal
Defend my honor, with my parents make a deal
Demand my eternal promise, with a ring this you can seal
Deflower me each night as I oblige to your will

Intend to be mine forever never to part
Initiate a union that will forever be intact
Illustrate how much you want me, let’s make a pact
Illuminate my life with a pledge from the heart
Implications of a love that is meant to last
Illicit romance that was at first based on lust
Intentions didn’t count then but now it’s all in the past

Caress me each morning and make me h*rny
Come home to me each night and ride me like a pony
Calm yourself through the day and call me when you’re lonely
Contain those feelings and don’t tell me lest I get cocky
Call me many times to remind me that I’m your one and only
Calm me down with a hug when things get rocky
Cook for me once in a while, you can even Google a recipe

Try your best and I will always appreciate
Trace my form with your tongue and watch my body vibrate
Tremors down my spine as my nerves jubilate
Thrust gently and watch as I celebrate
Take me so high and I’ll reciprocate
Teach me how to please you, your fantasies to consummate
Trust me with your seed and I’ll give you a duplicate

Eternity is not enough
Endings are always rough
Enjoying my presence when everything else is tough
Entrusting me as your better half
Effective communication while trying to make me laugh
Ever beside me even if I’m in cuffs
Enduring my company even when I have a bad cough

Decide to be mine forever my love
Demand my love and my life too you shall have
Demystify your intentions and prove it’s truly love
Defy the odds that are against our love
Defend your need to taste what’s in my hive
Deplete my fears and make me yours for life
Delight in my sweetness for the rest of your life

MercyElham ©2020
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 23

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