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by EyeLook4Ujenkins, Kentucky, USAJul 241 comments

Where People Are Lost And Never Found

It was a long way to nowhere
As I traveled on the trail of years
It wasn't much of a road map
That got me here

And now my conversations are the ones I write down
Maybe if I had been an Indian I could be on a reservation
But as it is I'm nowhere and that is where
People are lost and never found

Being here is forever waving goodbye
I could let my imagination lift me to a cloud up high
And sad it would be waking up to see I'm down
To nowhere and that's where people are lost and never found
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 24

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southmiami4321online today!
Your poem is sad but thoughts are clear; not everything said has to be joyful.
The trial of life is made by our own choices, sometimes destiny changes it as it happens. We must find our purpose, every life is unique. We get lost yet we find the way out. Being sure of ourselves and who we are will get us to places. Thanks for sharing. SM
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