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by Rikco11London, Greater London, England, UKJul 260 comments

blessed born day

Taking this opportunity to thank you all
Thank you very much everbody
For the experiences on this journey
The lessons that curved swerved n turned me
The bitter cup that burned me
The level ups that earned me
My stripes
Lika general kick back n bun da pipe
Peace n blessings every1ne
This life a school n so much fun
If I leave here today
1ne thing I will say
Maximize n multiply the joy come what may
Learn to dance in the rain and smile at the shit
No pain no gain but don't dwell in it
Laugh as hard as you can
And never try to conprehend
Making magik with simple simplicities my friend
My friends
And my family
49 goin on 9
Man so high like he sniffed a line
Maybe I have
Taken a line or two
Spiritual intellect is my special brew
I turn n churn n deliver to you
Good vibrations
Celebrate salutations
I am gratitude & I am patience
Thank you
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 26

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