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yachtsman_7online today!
by yachtsman_7Dublin, IrelandJul 273 comments


bearded, wild
quick tempered be
my natural place
is on the sea

my northern star
her memory
the anchor locker
and the quay

nets to fire
rope to splice
my heart in summer
full of ice

her smile the sun
her form the shore
wrought from toil
her lips are pure

I see her now
amongst the waves
those hazel eyes
the tide betrays

net mending
as the season grows
needle dancing
through the rows

my hands are coarse
sandpaper'd rough
mist kissed skies
are not enough

blonde curtains draped
her smile unfurled
her hair falls over
the globe of my world
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 27

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Comments (3)

godsprincessonline today!
Beautiful lyric again. Trying to decide if there is a woman in here or if your talking about your boat and the ocean - curtains could be sails. Hmm.

Kathy wave dunno
Even it s all about a boat, your poem is like a breath of the sea breeze for me..loved it. thank you Ru.
Stay safe,
goldenglossonline today!
I love this poem, the words just glide into each other like lovers do and yes it seems to be a boat but that boat was not just any boat, it is kept close to your heart. Wonderful poem.
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