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by OceanzestHamilton, Waikato, New ZealandJul 316 comments


For us the disease came and went, a short war,
six weeks we hustled around the house
making pies and scones
the birds in the garden
knew nothing of the contagion
nor the autumn trees
from an endless summer
few cars in the streets
all tuned out
save the occasional broadcast
saying the numbers were less than yesterday
all fine in God's acre
the universe just washed us clean

May you receive the same soon..
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 31
About this poem:
As the planet battles Covid-19 New Zealand dug in quick and it payed off enormously.
So peaceful in the streets, hope all is well with you...

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godsprincessonline now!
Don't we wish. Here in the states we are really a mess! Too many leaders and too many opinions. 50 Governors and one worthless President. They are more interested in politics and winning in November then in the citizens. Then their are the theorists who believe it is all a hoax and no one is going to tell them what to do or what to wear (masks) - and infringing on their freedoms and rights, and so on and son. Sick of it! People are dying and they think it is a hoax. Where do these people come from? And now the riots - violent and peaceful and the federal marshals attacking all of them. I want to find a cave and hide.

Kathy crying sad flower
Yes Kathy I don't blame you, can't believe people think its a hoax, too much time in a fantasy world.
We know of course here we are just buying time, sooner or later there will be a slip up because we have so many infected returning home. They get quarantined for two weeks thank goodness.
Hang in there.. angel
southmiami4321online today!
Yes, this has hit hard all over the world. Florida is now one of the worst states and numbers climbing.
I have to go out and work every day ever since this started. God has protected me and my loved ones so far. I pray that he continues and I pray for all the others that suffer, lost love ones, and are on the front line to save the sick. There are no words to express how this virus has transformed the world. Hope things in your country Oceanzest get better. Be safe, thanks for sharing. SM teddybear
marikiaonline today!
I am so happy for NZ - great accomplishment indeed. Thanks for the good wishes and please stay safe and secure.teddybear
Hi, Oceanzest,
For us the disease came and went, a short war...
the universe just washed us clean

May it continue to be so! Thanks for sharing.
Thanks for your comments friends, so good to see you are all still here in the Poets Corner wave
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