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by EyeLook4Ujenkins, Kentucky, USAAug 22 comments

Don't Dilly Dally Around

Your mama sent you to a country store
She said
Don't dilly dally around

You're walking barefoot on a dusty road
And you don't hear any sound
Of an automobile don't dilly dally around

You walk by a creek the fish are jumping high
And now a big one caught your eye
This is the best chance you ever found but don't dilly dally around

As you are chewing on a piece of straw
Your old straw hat makes a good shade over the ground
But don't dilly dally around

Way back when this could have been true
Way back when this saying was new
Don't dilly dally around
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2

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Comments (2)

Oceanzestonline today!
shades of William Faulkner, enjoyed that

It was reading youre Mr.EyeLook4u
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