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Lost On You

Longing stretches in many directions and stays alone with intention to bleed, crying becomes heavier and harder on that thorny road between lightened side and so muddy reed.

Craving shows diverse shapes within fragile heart so tender and true,
pure desire melts in wanted daydreams
and inclines rapidly to disappear, vanish,
and find herself completely lost on you....
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 4
About this poem:
Just my association on one truly good modern song with the same title. Precious gem in the era of superficial lyrics and contents also.

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Comments (2)

Hi, AutumnChild,
Longing stretches in many directions...
does convey the poem's title image. Thanks for sharing.
AutumnChildonline today!
Thank you so much on lovely comment. I remember that your name has certain meaning in Serbian. But I will not reveal that fact. Stay safe and peaceful! bouquet
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