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Masks and the office

I can only just see his eyes over the mask
is he squinting? yeah its a death stare
I'm sure
and he could go for that highlighter pen any moment
I move a little uneasily but rotate my chair towards him
adjust my mask, showing no fear
we are now locked into this moment
I slowly reach for the stapler
never lose eye contact
tapping it on my thigh
I can see he's pondering the move
no way to up it easily
now he's fiddling with his phone
I have the edge
I wonder if we are still going to lunch :)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 15
About this poem:
Masks may introduce a new dynamic into the office haha

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Comments (2)

I have never worked in an office, but like the movie Office Space, there are plenty of irritating people out on the factory floor too.professor banana uh oh mumbling very mad
godsprincessonline today!
Thoughts and Souls are in the eyes! Bet people ARE paying more attention to the eyes! I always have - never mind what they are saying - look at the eyes for confirmation of what they are really thinking!

Kathy wink
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