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Golden glows with blushed pink
Waiting twilight as sun sinks
Framed by twisted trunk of tree
Focus eyes, for the picture see

Gold withdraws, as does blush
Soon evening, with haste will rush
To skies of dark, first silver grey
Night overcomes, chasing day

Special stillness, engulfs scene
Bare trees, once cloaked green
Winter time, street traffic slow
Bus goes past, inner lights glow

Overhead, lights will light the way
Walkers with dogs, exercise each day
Unlike last time, an Autumn lockdown
Chilly air, heralds winter at sundown

I am just happy, to see familiar dogs
From large to tiny with walkers that jog
How long this period is going to last
Who knows.....
Bet doggies hope not fast....
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 21
About this poem:
With a 2 week lockdown here in Auckland......4 legged pets seem pleased to have their two legged human companions home again.....

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godsprincessonline today!
We were locked down for 1 1/2 - 2 months in New York State. Walking was quite pleasant without all the traffic but the local businesses suffered greatly as well as families with parents not being able to work. The effect on the mental states of all has been very stressful thus causing a lot of physical stress as well. For those of us retired not a lot changed as our lives slow down as we age. Was hoping the younger generations would learn from the slowdown what life is about and could be but don't think the lesson took. You should be towards the end of winter there getting ready for Spring as we are near the end of summer here and getting ready for Fall - my second favorite season (Spring being first). Take care Kathy and stay safe.

Kathy U.S.A.
Special stillness, engulfs scene
Bare trees, once cloaked green
Winter time, street traffic slow
Bus goes past, inner lights glow
Liked it a lot Kathy.
Stay safe ,take good care.
Lily heart wings
niah9online today!
This is our second lockdown, but nothing like you have experienced in the USA, though your president seems to think we are equal.....but in the village I live, roads seem more alive with walkers than cars and today the sun is shining, making it all acceptable.....thanks for the comment Kathy USA...appreciated...Kathy NZ.
Hi from across the "border" Kathy, nice imagerythumbs up
niah9online today!
Thank you Lily......It's a scene I can't miss and every evening we have special sunsets......Kathy nzdancing
niah9online today!
Thank you oceanzest.....from south of the Bombays and that long.......line of traffic waiting to cross the border. Whether Auckland will be 'open' on Wednesday seems to be very doubtful but at least you can go south unlike poor Northland who must feel very isolated.
Kathy from just over the border....loldancing
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